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Happy New Years medHelp family

Hello MedHelp family...im grateful to be here grateful to be here clean....celebrating new years is done all over the world  it brings in many chanlages for the addict... alachol flows freely on this holiday but it is a big nono for the addict  many think of alachol separately but alachol is a drug and we must abstain from all drugs....I have been a member of N/A for 54 months now and have seen some amazing sorys of recovery...but if you drop your guard  relapse is possible.....the one thing I have seen the most in relapse is it almost always starts with a drink....it is just enough to drop your inhibitions enough to go out and use again  please dont drink you dont want to have to do this over....both N/A and A/A have new years eve partys that are a great place to celebrate the new years  your srounded by clean people and we usually have several speakers and a dance  dont blow it this holiday...even if you feel like using dont act out  I wish you all a great and clean new year your friend and fellow addict Mark
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Yep, the drink bone is connected to the drug bone~

Happy New Year everyone!
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LOL DS..Good one!!

I got lucky in that one. I can NOT drink at all and have NOT for over 12yrs. Do NOT like the smell of it as it makes me feel sick. Do not like to even talk to someone who has been drinking. It irritates me to the max's!

However, a Drug is a Drug is a Drug when we are Addicts.

I am getting somewhat dolled up for our AA dance, dinner and speaker at midnight. Might not make it to midnight, but I sure will try. There will be AA and NA ppl their. It is going to be FUN!!!!

Have a Happy New Year!
Bless us ALL!
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I am getting all dolled up for work!!!  lol  Jeans, harley sweatshirt,boots and hair piled on top of my head!!  I hate makeup so i dont even do that.  What you see is what you get!!!

I am very grateful for my sobriety.  I see the destruction it causes on a daily basis where i work and it saddens me.  I dont miss the days of getting up and personal with the porcelain goddess, waking up the next morning wondering what i did and with who.  I will see the witching hour as i close at Midnight so will be home and tucked in before the bars close.  Be safe everyone~
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Gnarly, Happy 2 yrs sober and drug free tomorrow!!!! You helped me so much to get clean. Didn't like everything you said but it was all true. Thought you were a little hard on me. Again, I needed that. So all you newbees listen to some one who has paid his dues and knows what works and what doesn't. Sooooo thank you Gnarly from the bottom of my heart. Pray your new year is safe and happy. God Bless
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Hoping everyone has a great, clean New Year! I too will be celebrating 2 years tomorrow and will be with my home group. Tonight there's a new years party at my sponsor's house of which my husband and I will be attending. I look forward to my life, clean and in the zone! Bring on 2016!!
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Hey everyone not sure how to do this.  I am 56 and am off oxy for 8 weeks but I am still crying and am full of fear anxiety etc. I took 3. 30mg oxy a day for a few months this time but it is so much worse   Last time it was over and I felt better but I feel like I'm losing my mind.  Please help
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Great post Gnarly!!!  
Congrats on 54 months!!!   That's awesome!!!
I gave up alcohol before the pills but I have no doubt that I am an alcoholic also!  It always seems funny to me how the 2 get separated..... Like Vickie and Sarah said... it is all connected...an addict is an addict!!!  
Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve!  I'm staying home with my dog and celebrating.....probably be in bed by 10!!!  :)
Take care everyone!  ♡
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Happy New Year you guys!!!
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