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Happy anniversary to VICourageous- your Community Leader!

Please take a moment to reach out to VICourageous, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate everything!

Congratulations VICourageous- the MedHelp Team appreciates you!  "
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Thank You!! What a surprise to finally be able to get back on my computer and read this. I have been MIA for a few reasons. I had been having computer/printer issues and had it worked on more then once. Now, I Pray it is up and good to go. My health is OK, but sometimes I get knocked down due to heart issues and stomach, BUT it is all better now!!! Also, I thought I would step away from the Addiction site for a while, like take a break. I Miss Everyone and have to clue what has been going on around here. I will try to stick around more and help out.
Thank You again for thinking of me. This makes me feel better..Ha!

PS. To all my MH Friends who Prayed for me to find new clean friends. IT WORKED! It took a few yrs, but the Lord brought some back to me and some new ones.
Bless U All
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Congragulations to you!  You are much appreciated and much needed on this site.
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Yay Vickie!!! Glad you're back. Yes, you are very much needed:)
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You have given so much & worked so hard that I'm not at all surprised that the universe is giving back to you in the form of clean friends (& a laptop that works:))) I've witnessed the intensity of the back-to-back trials you've successfully navigated through the years & have often marveled at your ability to do so. I finally realized that you were doing something intuitively that is relatively rare but very, very wise & powerful: No matter what came your way, no matter how scary, lonely or hurtful things got, you somehow managed to remain in a place centered in love & a faith in the power of that love. I believe that somehow you were able to hang on to enough trust in the outcome & you never let your fear undermine this bedrock.

I am trying to follow your example, VIC, to never allow the fear to completely eclipse that steady, quiet state of love that streams through everything in us & around us.

Thanks for all your hard work on yourself & on behalf of so many others. I have faith that it will be returned to you tenfold. You are a powerful, loving & beautiful soul & I count myself blessed to have met & intera yes with you!
Last. sentence should read "interacted"
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Congrats Vic!!  I have missed you something terrible.  I was thrilled to read your last paragraph about the so called friends!!!  We NEED to talk SOON!
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To All Above,
Thank You for your kind words. I am SO happy to see that you Ladies are still here.

EvolverU, reading your words just brought a fear new tears. Yes, it was VERY difficult, considering all those things that just came at me at once, so many family deaths right in a roll, to health issues. All of this happening when I was still in a semi detoxed state too. It hurt me, scared me and I was at lost, but in the long run it all made me stronger. Had to really trust in the one above, as I followed some newer paths.

Also, many thanks to my MH friends who stayed with me, all the way through this too. All of it is still in my Journals and it goes way back to 2012. Hugs!

DS. I KNOW we need to talk. lol=Lots of Love!
What happen to my five stars by my name...hahahaha!

When I was in grade school, I hung with these 2 girls all the way up through high school. Lost track of them through these yrs, come to find out, one lives about 40min S of me on the lake, and the other is moving right by me in Montana. Now we are back together. Right on! What a Blessing. It has been way over 30yrs. My friend here in town has stopped all here meds and is not getting street drugs either. I have been helping her get through this.
I hooked up with my church and might be going to Texas as a volunteer for a couple of weeks, but this will not happen for at least a couple of months. YES!!! It sure is WONDERFUL to look at life Clean & Sober and not through them Rose Color Glasses.

To those who are just starting out...it might seem like you are not going to make it to the other side, however, you will. It will take support, trusting in your lord and many changes. Detox to Recovery takes TIME & PATIENCE..you will see the new light soon, and be so so so happy you stuck with it.
I wish ALL of you the best.
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Congrats V!!!! I'm very Happy to read of how well you are doing That you have connected with old friends and made some new! You worked hard for this Happiness I could not be more Proud!! Good to see you here V You have been missed.. warmly, lesa
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Thank You!

I have been checking in and willing to help...BUT it seems to be on the quite side of life. I sure do miss the traffic we had before. Pray it will pick up. I know there are TONS of ppl out here that are reaching out for help. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Bless All of YOU!
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