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Has anyone been to Smart Recovery?

I am trying a recovery group called Smart Recovery. I emailed someone and told them my issues with NA and having trouble getting past the word powerless. They said they have two meetings a week and I would be a good fit. Have nothing to lose but an hour and a half.
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I just went through a 7 day detox program and Smart Recovery was one of the groups mentioned as an alternative to NA. I'm not big on "higher powers" either. Haven't contacted them. That's all I know about them.
Man,  I thought I was informed. Never heard of it.  Google it bro. Good luck.
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Just wondering.....what is it that your looking to get from recovery?  
Probably a kindred fellowship of positive minded individuals helping each other getting past the handicap of any addiction is what I am looking for. We can't do anything about the past other than learn by it, get over it, and maybe help others. Groups that ruminate over their past are not my idea of positive. Listening to a human whose sobriety depends on sponsoring others makes my skin crawl. I don't necessarily "need" a recovery group however I would like to be a part of success stories from people that got past their addiction. Am looking forward to participating in some positive direction for myself and others.
Good for you. I wish I could be again.  Our,  as a country, solution to opiate addiction and subsequent spiraling death rate which has now exceeded vehicular accidents,  is BROKEN. The medical industries services,  pharmacutical companies,  etc.  are owned and controlled by the few super rich. Our Middle Class has eroded into "barely able to make it",  and the upper middle is now middle.    Let's not even talk POLITICS. Biggest bunch if worthless,  best intentioned ex Homecoming Kings and Queens in the world. One things for sure!  Their net worth at least quadruples. Wow!  I hope everyone dropped out by now.. Think I'm upset about the injuries,  surgeries and drugs that led to the loss of my career? I was grossing $20-$25k/month,  owned a custom home by a lake... And that was years ago.  Cannot be "FIXED".
Talk about a no functioning POS!  WA. State Dept. Of Labor and Industries.... I'm out. Sorry.  Started out up here trying to help the people that ARE/WERE/CAN BE productive in society. That BTW,  are mostly considered to be throw aways... Like me.
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I know a lot of people really do not care for Subutex or Suboxone. I'm taking Subutex right now to get off opiates. I feel great, life is good. Hopefully will be giving Subutex up in the next 6 months.
Have a good day.
Hey, Best wishes to you! Suboxone is a great withdrawal drug. If used as a maintenance drug it can and probably will become a nasty monster. Hopefully your doctor is not a cash only scammer and has already suggested a taper plan. Good luck!
We will start the tapering process in September. He's not a Cash Doctor my insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield accepts him as my primary care for Subutex. He's an amazing doctor and he does care. I'm on an extremely low dose and doing well.
Thank you. Sending you positive vibes.
Suboxine and Subutex aren't bad.  They're Good.  Helped me out,  when I needed it.. Use them as a tool or bridge to get you to a better place.  The problem I have, is that most people that I know, including me,  don't plan a good strategy to get to the next level, Sobriety.
You got this!  You already have a plan. Mine from Suboxine derailed when my prescribing clinical doc was deported... My "new" doc was the director. He proclaimed my status as shaky at best. I was working at basically manual labor work.  With my wife trying to finish college and 2 and 3 year olds at home. My status was based on classes and counseling sessions. I quit Suboxine knowing I couldn't meet his requirements and work. Unbelievable?  NOT!  Doing the right things,  for the right reasons,  doesnt work anymore...
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Sounds like a GREAT program ; i used NA CA AA in the early years, not something i was interested in pursing long term - but i'm interested in finding out more about the SMART program - thanks for bringing it up - the tools sound like something that everyone would benefit from (yourself, and your friends and loved ones through your example). All the best to you.  It costs hard earned cash for us in Ontario to be able to talk to any mental health adviser so this is a no brainer - who couldn't use these tools? Power to you. Make it work for yourself.

"SMART is a free self-help program for recovery from addictive behavior. Groups are led by a lay-coordinator. Most groups also have a volunteer advisor who is a mental health professional. Our purpose is to support individuals who have chosen to abstain, or are considering abstinence from any type of addictive behavior, (substances or activities), by teaching how to change self-defeating thinking, emotions, and actions; and to work towards long-term satisfactions and quality of life."
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I have read all the responses and will say this....I hope you find a program that works for you.  What works for one person may not work for someone else, program wise, but we should be respectful of other peoples recovery programs whether we like it or not
Thank you. Hopefully I have not been disrespectful. I think the reason I like this forum is because we all have relative issues yet are on different paths to a positive goal. Will try to keep any debating on individual paths respectful. I appreciate your time as a community leader!
We are glad you are here too.  We all bring something new to the table and that is what makes this site so great!  Keep us posted on how things are going!
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Checkout Dr. Kevin McCauley's May 8, 2018 "The Brain and Recovery: An Update on the Neuroscience of Addiction". This guy is pretty cool and has made his own recovery a journey of understanding addiction. Specifically, he talks about the 'addiction cascade' and the role each part of the brain plays in this. The Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) is a part of the brain that fails, according to Dr. McCauley, that manages self-image or how we perceive how others see us. I know, kinda complicated but checkout his presentation. Very informative about addiction and recovery.

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