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Has anyone tried Neurontin for opiate withdrawal?

I have been reading all over the net that Neurontin is great taking the edge off withdrawal.  And it isn't supposed to have an addictive side effect.  I've had a bottle for 6 months that my doctor gave me for headaches that lasted 2 weeks steady up one side of my head due to a neuralgia of a nerve in my head.  The pain finally went away but I still have the pills.  I may test it out to see if it does really help but I thought I would see if anyone here had any luck with it.  thanks
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I am so sorry that your post hasn't been answered..i do not personally know about neurontin..my mother in law takes it but not for those reasons..and I haven't heard of it for w/ds..I just want to say welcome..ther is alot of wonderful people here and hopefully some that can answer your question..I do know that I would be leary of anyting touting it isn't addictive..they said the same thing about tramadol..and we now know it isn't the case...just read up on it..what are you thinking of quitting if you don't mind...
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Hi there, I have been taking Percocets for 10 years and I also take tramadol on and off.  I have never had any problem with tramadol and didn't know anyone else did until I started reading this site.  When I have gotten off the Percocets, I have taken just the tramadol and it completely removes the withdrawal.  But of course, if I quit the tramadol then the withdrawal kicks right in anyway.  It is just unbelievable how we all came to this point.  I would say the majority of the people here all started with an auto accident (my case) or bad injury or illness and before we knew it we were taking a pill to just feel normal.  Like everyone else, I would like to get off all of this and am trying to find anything that isn't addicting in itself to ease the way.  I never dreamed the Neurontin might help but I have heard Valium does and they both are for nerves.  I may try it in the morning and see if I have any withdrawal symptoms.
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It never helped me with withdrawl and made me an emotional zoombie.
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It is used for things like fibromyalgia and diabetic nueropathy - didnt do anything for me about withdrawals........sorry......and good luck to you - - -
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I believe it was bmc1976 that used it quite successfully for withdrawals and for pain management.
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Yes, it does, but you have to know how to use it.

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FYI......Google neurontin & withdrawal.......I have read horror stories.  i dont know how real they are as most seem to be posted around the time of the lawsuit...lol.  I have taken it for a while and stopped with no withdrawal, although i haven't taken it but for a couple months lately.  I love it !  I won't go back to opiates, so I have no choice.

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Hey there honey....you don't need that to w/d from your stuff..what are you taking...Plese don't take anything else that the good ole drs tell you too..You can do this..please feel free to pm (personal messgae me) I will be happy to help...~Lisa~
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i read a few posts on here awhile back saying yes, it did help them.

i just have no "first-hand experience" with that....

BUT - no matter what it takes... no matter what... do it.  and no, it's not addictive. it's not a narcotic. its a nerve drug i personally tried for some back stuff... didn't help me for THAT reason.  but again, have heard some say it helped thru w/d's..

just remember - getting off is the easy part.  staying off is where the work really begins,,, but very doable... just have some sort of aftercare plan..

and we'll be here for you whenever you need :-)

good luck, luv...
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Well NaughtyOne then how would you use it? I think it can be done.I read on here where someone said it helped alot.I wonder if Lyrica would do the same?Best thing to do is google neurontin for opiate withdrawals. Ruthie
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Nuerontin is not used for withdrawls in my experience and i tried it and it did nothing. Try something else like benzos or clonidine. They are time tested.
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I think you said it all when you said "no matter what it takes, do it to get off these pain pills".  Some people can handle cold turkey and some can't.  I have tried that and don't think I could do it again unless I have something to ease it.  I have rarely taken nerve pills and don't really like the effect so I don't think I would get addicted to Neurontin, especially since it is supposed to be non addictive.  Over the years, I have socially smoked cigarettes and never wanted one the next day, drank sometimes and would go months before I socially drank again so I've never really had an addictive personality until these Percocets got hold of me 10 years ago when I was 50 years old!  thanks to everyone for your answers to me also.
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I don't feel comfortable posting dosages.  If you Google Neurontin for nerve pain, you will see what the recommended dosage is for it.  Most doctors don't prescribe that dose, and you can go from there, and figure out what dose is right for taking care of your withdrawal.  I have read posts about it, but I wont repeat it in the open forum, because I personally feel it would be irresponsible.

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At my first inpatient detox they prescribed neurotin for withdrawl symptoms. It did seem to help some...
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It was just on the radio today that Neurontin and some other RLS drugs had a super high sexual diorder rate.....Like people (13 %) cannot control the urges when on this medication......Just heard it today on way home...news channel.

I took it and it only made me tired...that was 6 months ago....maybe i didnt take long enough...
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I took both the clonidine for about 3 weeks and the nerontin for about 6 weeks.  They both worked for me.  Very easy to come off them too.  I am about 5 months clean and drug free.  

If you have any more questions feel free to ask me.

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nuerontin can take the edge off and also help with rls and pain during detox...if u r not accustomed to it it will also help u sleep...i dont mind telling u my dose...it is 300mg 23 x a day...i dont take it as a rule except at night and that is just during flare ups....it makes me sleepy for the first week or 2 then u adjust to it....i never have taken the 3 a day but many do....i have seen higher doses prescribed...it can help take the edge off and is not habit forming
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I have taken it before during w/d and it does take the edge off.  It's not a magic pill but it can help.  
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well, I got up this morning without a Percocet so I thought I would try the Neurontin.  I took a half one and  was shocked.  I feel absolutely normal, I'm not sleepy like I thought I would be, no shakes, no rs, nothing and I'm really not thinking about a Percocet!  Of course I'm not at the point yet that if someone came in and put one in my lap that I wouldn't take it!  lol.   I have been trying Ultram to get off the Percocets but Ultram still makes me want a Percocet and  after reading all the stuff on this site about how bad it is, I thought I would try the Neurontin.  I know it is the Neurontin making me feel normal because I have been on the Percs for 10 years and it is almost noon and if I would have not taken anything I would be going into the withdrawal thing and I still feel fine.  I have 5 refills on this stuff and I heard it is not addictive so I'm going to keep taking it.  I highly reccommend it if anyone is looking for something to take the edge off.
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I don't know what mg you are talking about as far as the Neurontin goes.

I was given neurontin and clonidine to finish detoxing after a rapid detox.  Rapid detox was horrid and not the way to go, in my opinion.  

Anyway, you need to get a doctor on board for this, so you get the correct dosage and the correct way to take it.

I had a heck of a time with the neurontin.  That being said, it did help with the withdrawals, but I would not just take it with out a prescription because it can cause problems.

Also, it doesn't work for everyone.

If you are on nuerontin for very long, you are supposed to wean off of it.

Again, I think you need a doctor behind you on this.  

You have posted on an old thread.  You might want to start a new thread.

Good luck

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Neurontin is suppose to be started at low doses and worked higher as well. I couldn't tolerate it though..The mornings were like the bottom of a tequila bottle hit me..Bad spinouts..Had to switch to Lyrica(which then put weight on me...20lbs in 6 weeks)..

Hard call on how much it helps....It will cause wd's if high enough amounts are taken long enough....

Maybe check the pain management forum..There are alot of folks over there experienced in this
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Neurontin is helping me with Tramadol withdrawals. I have taken tramadol for several years because of my hips that were constantly in pain and no doctor would give me any pain medication. I ordered it and it has been costly. Wellbutrin which I use as well for depression, takes away most of the tramadol cravings.
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I am going to start going through withdrawals from Tramadol.  I have started the withdrawals before and couldn't take it so I would go back on Tramadol. Lucky for me, my doctor did put me on Wellbutrin and Neurontin. Wellbutrin helps with the drug cravings and Neurontin helps with withdrawals for me.  I take those meds for depression and anxiety too. Neurontin helps me get to sleep and stay asleep longer. I can wake up to go to the bathroom but can go right back to sleep. I couldn't befpre I started on this medication. I have gotten very restless leg syndrome trying to go off Tramadol in the past, but Neurontin also helps with restless leg syndrome and insomnia which is a common withdrawal symptom from Tramadol.  Tramadol is much like other opiates because it binds to the opiod receptors in the brain. I have taken Clonidine, but took that for high blood pressure. I wonder if people are talking about Clonazepam which is sometimes called Clonipin. Hope anything I wrote helps.
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I posted a double entry because when I posted the first one I hadn't joined yet and didn't know if it would be posted. oops sorry
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