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Have traded one addiction for another. An old friend....Food!

I am eating to ease my pain, plain and simple.  I carried around extra weight during childbearing years, and then I gained 50 more when my oldest sons went ape **** with drugs and alcohol.  I gained the 50 lbs  after I had my fourth son that same year.  7 years ago this summer I had gastric bypass and lost 120 lbs.  I had the tummy tuck and breast lift also.  But since the bypass, I started taking the opiates for knee pain, and that lasted for the last 7 years.  Well, that got out of control and I've got some good clean time behind me.  But I'm back to eating to ease the pain.  I'm also going to PT three days out of the week, spending a good two hours there some days.  I also work from 7:30 pm to 4 p.m., so three days out of the week I'm getting home at 6:30.    I still have two teenage boys at home, so I can't imagine where I will find time to get the help I need.  I kept the weight off for SEVEN years.  I'm 20 lbs up from the original weight loss and 10 of those pounds have been gained in the last six months.  My clothes don't fit and I feel like I'm carrying around tree trunks (my legs.)  Honestly, I need help.  I have severe swelling in my legs and I have to get off of them eventually or they will only get worse.  I have been my own advocate for the past sixth months, but I really don't know if I can keep this up physically and mentally.  I can't imagine taking disability or putting all the burden on my husband at this young age of 54.  He's been working for 40 years and he wants to retire soon.  
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Im going thru the same thing! I gained 15lbs during detox and the past 100 days. I was eating so much I was making myself throw up because of the guilt. Id eat a box of twinkies all in one sitting and didnt care. Lucifer( my mother) made fun of me when I was in the hosp last week so I started a diet a few days ago. I guess my brain forgot that I started a diet cuz the hunger comes and I eat and eat. Im petite and Im scared,,,Im now a size 10 I was a 6. My undies and bras dont even fit and I split my pants yesterday at work. My step daughter left her Valentines in my car and the other day I had a valentine card stuck to my butt that said " Be mine Valentine" My patient who is weak feeble and can barely see pointed it out-she doesnt recognize me but she did my butt!! I need help too with this.. ~Bkitty
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I have noticed that since I have stopped the pills, my appetite came back and I am now hungry again.  I can see it is going to be a tough battle.  I lost 60 lbs a few years ago and have to be careful to keep it off.  I have type 2 diabetes and it went into remission when I lost the weight.  I am really struggling as well.  Food is an addiction like a lot of things and as addicts we have to really watch ourselves.  I know when alcoholics quit, they crave sweets, I wonder if that is true about drugs??
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justme,  i want to confess my secondary addiction.  sucking candies.  i literally eat them by the 100 bag full.  sometimes i down 20 cough drops in an hour.  i have such strong sugar cravings it's crazy.  i just downed a half container of bryer's ice cream.
i do believe giving up sugar will be every bit as hard as giving up pills.
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Just a suggestion-  Eat GOOD food!  You can nibble on carrots, celary, lettuce etc.  all day long and not gain an ounce. If you are adventuois, try eating more exotic veggies, learn recipes on how to prepare them.  Just avoid any  dressings that are fattening. That doesn't mean you can't make dips and dressings that are tasty and healthy however!

Fruit is good to nibble on as well, just watch your carbs, follow a type 2 diabetic guide to keep track of the carbs fruits provide.
grains (rice etc) are complex carbs that are also good things to incorporate into your nibbling diet, as long as you keep track of your daily intake.

Between veggies, fruits and grains, you can break from the "traditional" three meals a day, and make 5 or even more smaller ones, with something to chew on in between, that will not only help keep your apatite in check, but help you loose weight and be healthier as well.

If you can, talk to a certified dietician. Following the food guide for type 2 diabetics is also a good place to start to learn your food groups, and  it provides links to easy to make recipes and ideas for finger foods that will keep you satisfied.

I was well on my way to the bottom of a six foot deep whole in the ground until a dietician taught me how to eat properly. I one year, I lost over 80 lbs,  and I did it by eating MORE food than I ate when I put on those lbs.  

Like so many other "fat" people, I was gaining weight even though I barely ate one meal a day. I had to learn to eat 3 meals a day, then 5 meals a day. Not only did I loose all that weight, I also am no longer a type 2 diabetic.
I hope  this information helps lead you to a better way to eat, and better health and happiness.
Best wishes
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the last months i have eaten much more and i know it is because of the anxiety i am going through... so i am trying to do relaxing stuff and working on my frame of mind ( you know, the type of thoughts, breaking the automatic negative thinking, etc ) to deal with the anxiety and thus the overeating....all the suggestions that free_ovitall has given are truly great, eating five times is better than 3... anyway, i just wanted to add my support to all of you because i am going through the same !!
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I can totally relate to trading up addictions and am glad to find support here. I know what to eat and what to do but somedays just staying sober is all I can cope with. Why is it that we underestimate ourselves? I appreciate all of you for sharing.

Sugar cravings! In the past I have had great success with Chromium and PGX for balancing blood sugar to reduce cravings. This morning I am back to taking all my supplements thanks this post :o)

As we encourage each other, we CAN live healthier lives. I'm sending out heartfelt hugs from Canada!
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i think everyone knows to eat healthy it's actually doing it that's hard
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Just had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven and three glasses of wine.  God HELP ME!   I shared my feelings with my husband this morning, about how I was feeling overwhelmed physically....he  reacted the way he always does, like a baby...poor me....I'm mad!!!!!! How could you feel like you can't go on?  
Right this minute, the wine is making me stupid.  Sometimes I want to check out.  My kids like him better because he cooks for them more than I do.  He says yes to them more than I do.  They are teenagers for goodness sake.  Only my oldest son out of four is the only one that might possibly see that the one who says no, is the one who cares.  I need some encouragement from someone in my life.  It's not going to come from my kids, and it's not going to come from my co-workers, they are fed up with the system.  They don't want to listen to me.  And it's definitely not going to come from my husband!  I think people think I'm a downer.  I don't know.  There seems to be no one to turn to.  
  I'm in a bad place.
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Hey Just...
Honey I hear your pain.  I so understand the trading one addiction for another and the thing that I'm learning is we have to learn to live all over again.  We are so accustomed to stuffing our pain down with drugs, alcohol, food, sex...But at some point we have to deal with the why's and what is beneath the compulsions.  I've been working very hard on my negative self talk...Learning to love and forgive myself and to be aware of my addictive behaviour and what drives it.  It is a steep learning curve, but with support, counselling, and time it gets a little better every day.  We spend a lot of time and energy worrying and caring for others.  My counsellor told me it was a way of avoiding dealing with myself and my uncomfortable, vulnerable feelings.  Sometimes we just have to sit in the yucky feelings without self medicating and know that they are part of the journey and will pass. Changing behaviour takes practice.  It is definitely like re-learning how to live, and some days it is so freaking hard!  
Are you doing any aftercare or counselling?  You need and deserve support.  I know it's hard to make time when life is so busy...But your health and happiness is worth it...YOU are worth it.  
Sending support and much love...
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