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Having a really rough time :(

I'm so afraid I'm going to relapse! Of course that may be a little hard w/o "resources" if you know what I mean...but I've read how our addict brains find ways to get ahold of opiates. I've been having so much facial and mouth pain for a few weeks and its just getting to be too much.  The Ibuprofen and Tylenol are tearing up my stomach...bad. I asked my doctor for an NSAID I could just take once a day instead of eating 16-20 ibuprofen and he wouldn't even consider it! And when I asked him to do bloodwork to check a couple things along with my stomach (I am 39 and haven't  had bloodwork done except for my hospital stay 4 yrs ago)  he told me to take Pepcid twice a day and come back in two months and we would "talk" about bloodwork then! WTH!! It's not like I asked him to do a bunch of testing AND PAY for it! Geez. Then he proceeded to tell me to continue taking the ibuprofen but make sure to eat with it. Ummm HELLO?? I can't freakin hardly eat because it feel like someone is shoving a toothpick up my damn nose...God he's an idiot.  Sorry guys....I'm just so frustrated today! I'm so tired of broth, pudding and Mac n Cheese...so I tend to eat nothing and I'm starving on top of it all. Lol. Grrrr!

So....has anyone had this type of pain and been successful at treating it? If so...HOW did you treat it? I'm at a loss on what to do...I have an appt for X-rays today to check the pins n screws in my face but that isn't going to help my pain right now and I DONT wanna turn to opiates. I've done so good and I really really dont want to mess that up :( HELP???!!!!
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Good Morning I am so sorry you are struggling and in pain,Can you switch doctors sounds like this one isnt listening or trying to help :(
I had an accident in the beginning of my recovery and I Took Toradol Not sure if that helps your situation But it did work not 100% but it helped.
How long were you taking opiates for pain ? How Long were you addicted to them? I just know for me that I had built up such a tolerance to them that even if I had to take them they wouldnt work.
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Thanks for your reply conhall. I was on opiates a total of ten years...Vicodin/Vicoprofen, Percocet, and whatever else for about two years and then methadone for the last eight years. I've been clean eight weeks...in two more days ill have 60 days under my belt. I just don't know what to do at this point. I was born with cleft lip &palate and had 16 cosmetic surgeries to repair it and make me look normal so I've always had a few problems here n there with facial pain but never this bad. I had a couple teeth pulled right in the same areas as where the pins/plates/screws are and I'm praying to God that it didn't cause them to shift because at this stage in my life, I don't want another cosmetic surgery! I haven't had one in 18 years and I just don't wanna go back down that road...I guess because I thought all that was behind me. I spent so much time in the hospital as a child, it was craziness!

Is Toradol a narcotic? I remember years ago I had been dealing with a migraine for 3-4 days and my husband took me to the ER because I had been vomiting so much and they put me on IV fluids and have me a shot of the toradol...and it did make the migraine go away...so I'm just curious what kind of med it is.
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AlthoughToradol® (ketorolac tromethamine) is a medication used to treat pain, this drug is not a type of narcotic. Toradol belongs to a group of medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and works by blocking the action of certain hormones (prostaglandins) that cause inflammation and pain in the body.
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I remember your story now I have seen your post before and the methodone which I know from reading is a bear to get off of So congrats to you on that and also for staying strong!
I Broke my arm and had to have surgery so I had to take narcotocs at first but as soon as I was able to and was sent home I took the toradol It did work and helped me.
I had been taking opiates for so long that I had such a high tolerance to them there was no way they would help me at that point.
You have been thru alot I wish I could give you a better answer I wish The doctor was more willing to listen to you
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Ah man that stinks!   Conhall basically said everything I would have suggested.  Another anti inflammatory I have take is Indocin.  Its not meant to take long term because it is very strong, but it does help.  Although it doesn't sound like inflammation is your problem.   I would start looking into another dr myself.   Or can a dentist assist you?    If you have to take opiates for the pain for a very short term, you don't lose your clean time since its legit.  I know that's not the route you want to go...but if it comes down to it, I just wanted to reassure youngest.  ((Hugs))  oh... how about some yogurt, applesauce, bananas, carnation breakfast drinks or ensures to help give you more nutrients?
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Right behind reassure my phone inserted youngest instead of you...lol.  :)  
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Let us know what you find out at the doctor.
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Well I'm sitting here waiting...again. My regular dentist sent me back to the oral surgeon that took my teeth out so I guess we will see what happens. Ohhh it hurts so bad when they even mess with my mouth darn it...but it has to be done. I'll let y'all know what happens.

And Conhall...I looked up the Toradol online. It says you shouldn't take it more than five days? Did you? And if so, were there any effects from that?
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Hey sweetness....I REALLY feel for you.  Hope you can get some answers today.  Just the other day, "overopiates" shared about her level of pain and was asking about Toradol.  She went and got an injection and it helped her IMMENSELY.  It is in the NSAIDS family and you are right about the short term, 5 day use you read about.....but maybe it'll get you thru this for a bit.
Hope you'll be back and let us know what they find.
Blessings to you~
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Ok....so evidently having the teeth pulled has caused the cleft (hole) in my palate to get bigger. I've always had to wear what is called an oprater (kinda like a plug) in the cleft to somewhat keep it closed for lack of a better word. And since the cleft has gotten bigger, the oprater is now too small and is going up into the hole further than it should and it is pressing into my left sinus cavity and not allowing anything to pass through...I kinda already figured that though cause when I try to blow my nose, the only thing that happens is my ear pops..and that hurts like hell...lol..so therefore, the sinus cavity is full and that is causing the facial pains. So now I have to go to a prosthodontist to have a new oprater made, and that's gonna be thousands of dollars. :( Can my life get any freakin better?? Or can I at least get a small break? Geez lol. I have a call in to my regular dentist to see if they can possibly make one for me instead and try to save some money...and long trips because I'm out in like BFE and the nearest big city is two hours one way.  

So anyway, the surgeon was going to give me SIXTY Vicodin and I said no way! I don't have to have something take away my pain completely...I've always had some pain in and around my mouth and nose and am pretty used to it really. I just need something to take the edge off a little so I can eat a couple times a day. I asked him to give me 15 Tylenol 3's instead....and now I can't bring myself to take one. Damn it all!!!!

I realize alot of you probably have no experience with cleft palate, and that it probably even sounds pretty darn gross to you, but its something I was born with and it's all I know...so to me it's normal. Lol. So, sorry if I grossed anyone out with my explanation....BUT...you did say to keep you posted right? Lol.
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Great job on turning down the vic's.  When I was offered Trams the other day, my heart actually started to beat faster!    I can understand you not wanting to take the Tylenol3, but if you really need one then take it if it will help you to eat.  

I think we all get tested after going the he11 to get clean.  How many people do you see on here coming back with some kind of pain issue afterwards??  I'm a good example of that.  Barb is having some problems, and others have had to have surgeries, etc.  

You're right, I don't know anything about cleft palate but it sounds painful and complicated.   I hope you can get this resolved soon.  Did they give you a timeline of how long it would take?   Not including your trip time from BFE?   :)

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Well, no wonder, girl!!!  SOO glad you got to the source of this pain....the $$ and the miles are worth it if your dentist isn't able to make you a quality replacement!  YOU are WORTH IT.....if you have to take the Ty 3.....take it girl.....you know the drill.......have them doled out.......don't suffer.  This is one of those legit, temporary medical setbacks and you know how much pain you can endure. Having a proper fitting, high quality oprater sounds critical just to function......hope you can get r done soon.  And the Toradol may be worth checking into also, depending on how soon you can get an appt and get your replacement oprater.
Take care of yourself~
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