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What r your thoughts on long term sub use. Is a person clean/ in recovery while on subs? Do u have to work a program to b clean.? Do u have to b totaly sober to b clean?  I went to an NA  meeting and was basically kicked out bc was on subs. Maybe I'm naive but isn't not using DOC. The goal   I know we all have different ideas on this. Let's keep it respectful. Or is this subject too heated to continue   Thank u.
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Hey there! I don't have any personal experience with Subs, so I don't know how much my opinion counts since I haven't lived it. My opinion on this is that if you are on Subs a working a program, you aren't clean yet. Yet being the key word. You are still putting a substance in your body that is altering your brain chemistry, but you are learning new and healthy recovery tools, coping skills, and learning how to live without chasing a drug, or participating in addict behavior. For some I know this is a necessary step to break the cycle of drug abuse. I think that Subs should be used as a step ladder, not a crutch. It shouldn't be used for long term, or lifetime therapy, because at that point it is not therapeutic in any way. I can't believe that you were kicked out of NA for working a Sub program with the ultimate goal of being clean. I have heard about this before and really find it sad. Anyways, that is my opinion, whatever it is worth.
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I pretty much agree with everything Ariley said.   Sorry they treated you like that at NA  
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I personally think subs are great for short term therapy. Like from 2-10 days at the most. I took them for two days after I quit hydrocodone and had relative success with aleviating a lot of the physical withdrawals. Just read some if the posts on here about coming off of them long term. Good luck to you.
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Subs saved my life. I honestly I would be dead without them. Meetings, counseling, meditation, new friends, good nutrition, all of those things are equally important to subs. I can't say I was clean on subs but was sober. I think doctors prescribe too much for too long, but that isn't always the addicts fault. I do believe one has to work recovery to be sober on subs, as I know people who party on them. Only the one using sub can say If they are sober or not, just like only the addict can diagnose they are an addict. My meetings don't require one to be sober. The only requirement to NA is the DESIRE to stop, it's in the book. Those who judged you need to be reminded of that. Progress over perfection ever reminds us to place principles over personalities. He without sin can cast the first stone. Go to a different meeting is what I say. Sorry that happened, that was self-centered ignorant behavior
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Sorry that happened to you at an NA meeting.  Weaver71 is exactly right; the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop.  I've been to meetings when I was still using and was welcomed. I would try a different meeting or even AA.   Alcohol has never been my DOC, but I prefer the AA meetings in my area over the NA; there is more long term sobriety, structure, and support.  
When I went to an  NA meeting a few months ago, noone even spoke to me.  The newcomer is supposed to be the most important person there. When I went to my first AA mtg in years, I got up to go to the bathroom and someone followed me out to be sure I was ok and not leaving.

As far as your original question, I was basically raised in the rooms, my mom was in AA and I spent years believing total abstinence was the only way.  Now, there is research stating harm reduction is helpful for some people.  I think abstinence should be the goal, but you have to start somewhere.  I think ARiley put it well in her post.    
I know for me, when I was on methadone 15 years ago, I was still using other drugs and not working a program.  I was still trying to get high.  It was not a helpful tool for me.  
I think this is a great topic by the way, but is a very heated one among the recovery community.  There is a recovery website which is now shut down called The Fix and I saw a lot of articles weighing in on both sides of the subject.  You can still access the site; the old articles are still available to read.  
Sorry this is so long; I hope it's helpful.  
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I've been using subs for three years now. Not alot, about a half a day, 4 mg. I have a very demanding job, I do pca work and it's pretty much 24 /7 I am really wanting to quit all together but honestly can't just lie around and be sick for a few days. The people that depend on me don't deserve that. How long does it take to feel good? I am all for going cold turkey and going back to abusing narcotics is not ever going to happen. the thought repulses me, idk I can't find anyone who's quit subs and stayed clean. I wanna know there is hope out there!
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