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Heart Palps

The heart palpatations with just reducing my dose of vicodin is about to kill me!  I can feel EVERY BEAT of my heart...  One minute, BP is 88/46 with a heart rate of 127 and 10 min later its 148/90 with HR of 64!!  The heart rate is mostly on the extremely rapid size...  Has anyone else experienced this and if so, have you discovered anything that helps it?  I find it very difficult to even breathe when my HR is swinging from one extreme to the next .. not to mention the anxiety that it causes!
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Okay, first of all, are you taking any anit-depressants w/mixture of some of Thomas Recipe?

Do you have anything prescription for anxiety?

I'm sure you can even hear your heart beat in the ears, huh?  It's a normal withdrawal symptom, but heed the anit-inflam........if taking something like Ltyrosine.
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What meds are you taking during your detox? Are you taking ANY BP meds like clonidine?

I know I felt major anxiety feelings during my taper...but I never took my vitals to see what they were. How long has this been going on?
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Im not taking anything EXTRA to help with the detox.  Just my regular meds which are zoloft and a xanax at bedtime..  I was scared to use the Thomas recipe because I am on zoloft and wasnt sure about the interactions!  Oh yeah, I can definitely hear my heartbeat in my head...  Im lying around in bed right now and pulse rate is 119 RESTING!!!!  This is driving me CRAZY!!!!  

Enemy, what anti-inflam are you referring to??
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