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Can anyone tell me where you can stash pills/ herion in a 2003 F150 or in a bedroom? Were going through my cousins stuff tonight and I wanna make sure I look EVERYWHERE!! Any ideas PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help!
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There is really no answer to this.  It depends on the bedroom.  Could be anywhere.  I use to stash mine in a jewelry box at home - cause no one was looking for it at home....But when out, it was always on me.  Usually in my bra.  I never hid anything in the car.  
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Dont over look other bottles of medicine that she may have emptied and filled with her stash, like a bottle of motrin or any other pills. My stuff is always with me or i even hid them in nooks under the kitchen table. I have not really had to hide them from anyone yet as they dont know my whole problem. which i hopefullly will be able to stop someday with the help from this site..
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she will only get more. she has to want to stop ...
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You cannot realistically do what you want to do......pills/smack can be anywhere. Behind switchplate covers. In the legs of chairs and furniture. With other pills. Even IN other capsules. And, of course, the tried and true brown suitcase.....yes, even placed up the anus.   You cannot possible look more places than he can find..........the only thing that comes to mind would be to rent a drug sniffing dog - - yes - they do have those available to rent in some places.....or get him his "own" dog and dont tell him about its special traits. But good luck to you in your efforts.....he is a lucky person to have people that care so much about him.
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I guess I should update and give more info, per my last few post, Bobby (Boy lol) hes been withdrawing from heriod and xanax, long story short hes in rehab and has been since Tuesday, this is his 5th time going to a rehab... Bobby i don't think knows hes in rehab right now, thats how messed up he was.. My aunt is selling his truck, which is really hers, disconecting his phone, has all the money that he had, and were about to search up and down his room/ car... ANY MORE INFO WILL HELPP!!! Thanks everyone!! =)
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odds are if hes that into the drugs he keeps his drugs on him all the time for fear of losing or of someone else finding them i know this isnt much help but good luck in ur effort hope everything works out well for all of u
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check the cell phone if it is a powder u r looking for..but that is hard to say without being there...i do know people hide cocaine and heroin in their cell phone....pillls...dunno..have even heard of people burying them when they were desperate
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But in reality finding them is not gonna make the person stop doing them...be safe and best of luck
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I wish the best for your cousin and all of you.......sara
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My best friends father just died from an accidental painkiller overdose. When we were cleaning out his apartment, we found them in the ceiling tiles, in books with the pages cut out in the middle, and in tylenol and motrin bottles...he had put them at the bottom of the bottles and then filled the bottles back up with the tylenol and motrin. We also found some in pants pockets hanging up in his closet, in shoes, inside a little round film container in his camera bag ( you know, those black film bottles wtih the gray tops). When we were moving the bed, we found a little slit on the underneath of his mattress with an empty bottle. They could be anywhere and everywhere...stuffed in socks, under a piece of carpet...best of luck to you!!
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in the truck, the dome light, lift up the center counsel, under the cloth right above the visor that runs the length of the windshield, any tiny slits in the seats, if he has clothes or tools in the truck check all the pockets anywhere were batteries would or should be, in flashlights, in the room look in shoes, pockets of every article of clothing in his drawers and hanging up, in the light fixture, backs of radios, inside cd or dvd or vhs player slots, in the truck i forgot about the old pull the horn cover off, they have pop cans, hair spray cans, ipods all that look real but have hidden compartments, in bottles of foot powder or body powder, under his deoderant cap, basically under any cap, slits in the mattress, rolled up in dirty socks, inside dvd vhs or cassette cases, old tape decks(hit eject), cigarette packs, missing celephanes on cigarrete packs is a good indicator that he used it to put drugs in, in heating vents(my personal favorite), above doors on ledges, inside picture frames, ive hidden stuff so well i couldnt find it so good luck! sincerely.
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It is ironic that you asked this question tonight of all nights.  Today I decided I was going to do my spring cleaning, I know, it is a little late, but better late than never.  I found empty pill bottles all over the place.  In shoes, in socks that were balled up in the drawer, I had even pullled out the dresser drawers and hid them beind the drawers in a line and then put the drawers back in the dresser.  It is amazing the places we will use to hide our stash.  When I was at the height of my addiction, I never once thought about getting caught driving around with pills hid in my vehicle.  Now I see in the arrest section of our local paper about people who get arrested for just one or two pills.  For some reason God was with this idiot (ME) and kept me from getting arrested or going to jail.  Anyway it is a real wake-up for me and I plan to NEVER let that happen to me. I made it through my addict years and I am so thankful that God protected this fool and I plan to never let him down again.

As far as where tey could be hidden, it would be much easier to ask where they couldn't be hidden.

Good Luck to you and your cousin ~ Susan
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Every square inch of everything, including Trash.The yard buried.under carpet attic.Laundry soap.U name it,Every square inch no kidding...Toilet bowl.Drains.Lawnmower bags, I could go on all nite..
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Thanks everyone!!!
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check the vents, that was my spot when i was a kid
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Where at in the vents do we check?? We saw a vent ripped off but couldn't reach inside.
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I never used to stash my drugs anywhere but on my person.

If I had to keep them somewhere, they'd be in plain sight.

Have you not just tried asking them? Maybe take them to score so that you can see where they keep the stuff.
Taking things away like this will only lead to nastiness...

In my experience, anyway...
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oh - I did used to keep an ounce of heroin in a book where I'd cut out a hole in the pages so it looked normal when it was closed...
But that was when I used a LOT...

Maybe just get the dog section round, if you can't talk with your cousin, or hire a professional burglar or install a webcam?

I think that borders on the illegal, though... Spying.
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