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Hello! I need help to cope with tramadol withdrawal...

Need some help to help me with tramadol withdrawls...

Was taking 400 mg a day...for several years ..now I'm down to 100 mg
.a day

Running out....

I 1st used it 8 years ago ..dr..prescribed it for severe migraine headaches.
...  after prescription ran out...i would  get my meds in Mexico..
(No prescription needed)

However.i recently moved away my border city ...I'm away and can no longer but it in mexico..I'm too far...
I'm down to 10 pills..and I have been weaning off for about 1 week now... to only 150 mg a day...until I am finished...with the 10 pills I have...i never told anyone

Please help ..no insurnace...
I don't do other drugs...
Only Tramadol...

Down to 10 pills...
I'm going through
Withdrawls as i type...

What to do.?
Taking vitamins
Over counter meds for comfort

Thank you..

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hello mary and welcome. how are you feeling? it is going to take time for your mind and body to heal. please be patient with the process. until you stop taking them your will continue to be in withdrawal.
a proper taper would have taken a few months.
stay hydrated. you might not have an appetite but try to at least have yogurt or puddings, soups, crackers some sort of nourishment too.
have you thought about an aftercare to prevent relapse?
therapy, addiction support groups, church?
let us know how you are doing.
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Mary, here is a link to a journal started by one of our "tramadol warriors" on MedHelp.  In reading the many, many posts on it you may find additional help from others who have come off tramadol.  Best of luck to you~


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