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Hello.....day 51....

Woooooow...I really thought I would never feel better...I thought I had damaged my brain chemistry for good.  It took a while..but boooyyy am I grateful to get my life back.  Yes I do know I have a problem with these opiods, but I do not have any desire to use,  thank god.  Im doing the work it takes to stay free from opiods.  For all whom are out here struggling to get clean....please keep fighting for your life back.  You can, and you will feel better, You have to be honest and true to yourself....do what is needed to get, and stay clean.  
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Congrats on the 51 days, way to stay positive.
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Congrats on day 51! I'm right behind you on day 44! I'm glad that you are feeling better and that your brain has healed...doesn't it feel amazing to have a "normal" brain and be back to you??
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This is wonderful.....I hope you keep charging forwards!!!!
I'm so glad to see that I wasn't the only one that thought I had damaged myself (in my brain)!!!  Once the dope was gone, I was scared with what I was left with...my brain felt like mush....I really did think, omg, I can't stay like this, I'm like a vegetable????  It took some time, some recovery work, and my belief that my higher power wouldn't leave me like this..to get through it.  
There is a way to live your life free of dope...and I believe pills are "dope", heroin is "dope", suboxone is "dope"....there ALL mood changing, mind altering chemicals.  You just have to fight for it!!!!!
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Congrats on PILL FREEDOM!! best wishes
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So Happy to hear this!
What a nice change in you right now, so keep is up!!!!

The waves might come and go, but they will soon settle down when your ship anchors for good. Congrats!
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Hey congrats on 51 days your doing ausum....how is your church based group doing???
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51 days is amazing I'm 28 days can't wait say 51 congrats keep it up so proud of you
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Congrats on your clean time!!  You hung in there and kept fighting!!  Always remember to keep your Guard Up and do whatever it takes to stay clean~
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