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Help, just admitted I am an addict

Hi there,
I just admitted to myself and my family that I am addicted to Percocets... I started taking them about 8 month ago. But in the last four months IT has gotten out for contort.. I am now up to 20 a day... I can not stand to be in my own skin without taking them.. I was only able to go for one day because I could not get any. I have hip and knees problems but my doctor has prescribed me something else but I find the percocets work better... I want my life back.. I want to be me again... Never ever did I ever imagine I would be an addict... But now I am and I am here asking for your help... Please help me..
I don't know what the first step is..
-go to my doctor
- go to rehab
-quit c/t
Please help guide me in the right path ;(
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Hello, welcome to the site. I know how hard it can be to realize and admit you are an addict. I too was on 20mlg oxycodone (super strong Percocet), for pain and illness prescribed by the doctor. Mine also got out of control. Your story is the same as many of ours. Realizing you have a problem and getting a support system(family) is the first step. Then I would definitely talk to your doctor. Quitting is huge. And awesome. I'm getting ready to be on day 12 of detox do my long term advice is minimal. There will be a lot of great veterans that can guide you more there. Just remember to stay strong and know there is a huge support system here. We are all here for you
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Good morning and welcome!  You are definitely in the right place!  Admitting you are an addict id the first step and having a desire to change that is the second!!!  You can talk to your Dr and ask about a tapering schedule!  Tapering can be difficult and most dont seem to be able to do it unless they have someone to hold on to their meds for them!    Rehab is always another option!  Lots of people here have done it that way!  It can be a more comfortable way to detox!  They monitor you and give you meds to make it more comfortable!  Or just going CT like most of us did is the other way!  It will be uncomfortable and you will feel like you have the flu for 5-7 days but then it gets better!  You can look up the Thomas recipe on here for suggestions on how to make it more comfortable!  Whatever you decide aftercare and support are essential!  Please know that we have all been through it and will be here to cheer you on whatever decision you make!!!  Keep posting and let us know how you are doing!!!
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Hello, Admitting that you have a problem is a big move in the right direction. It is on of the hardest. I do not have a problem with pills, but I am an addict to two other diseases. For me, it was suggested that I talk to my doctor about the problem. He may be able to help, maybe change your script. I don't know were you are living, but where I am has a help line were you can call to get some suggestions on what to do next. Maybe you can seek a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting. There you can find a lot of answers if you ask qustions. Remember, people won't answer your questions until you open the door and ask them in.
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