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Help, what can i do?

I am around 29 hrs from last oxy use, need to see the doctor in 7 hrs but I feel like I cant take it anymore.  My stomach is absolutely going crazy on me.  I s there anything that can relieve this feeling

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Hiya this is not a drug I've taken. But please don't give up. They say it does get better so hold out for a few days please.

Zoe x
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Hi, take a look at this if you can    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loperamide
basically in a nutshell Loperamide is an opioid-receptor agonist and acts on the μ-opioid receptors in the myenteric plexus. not crossing the blood-brain barrier so u wont get high or addicted to it.
Loperamide is the ingredient in immodium, so the generic will work , i have read some prefer the liquid form as it seems to work better , .
i am on day eight and my stomach is wat got me awake tonight so i will be taking more , it works. i have also been drinking as much gator aid as i could but did this on a shoe string budget, i drank alot of water 29 hrs in a few sips per hour, usually before my hourly bath lol!
hang in there hope this might help.

u can read more here for somthin to do, to waste time if able.
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Try some warm chamomile tea. Ask the Dr. for something non addictive to settle your tum tum. Whatever you do, don't get  more oxy's. You'll just have to replay this feeling in a few days, months, years. Dig deep, deep breath....you got this!
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this is good advice also clonidine, you will need a script for it
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I picked up all the supplies from the thomas recipe it helped me a lot. it's day 6 for me without any oxy's or hydro. I'm actually at work right now you can do this
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Take immodium it does help. Eat bananas,rice,toast,apple sauce they are binding. Keep yourself busy. You can make it hang on.  
That is great that you have set up counseling. It is very important.
Did you read through the forum and find  other threads about suboxone ?
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