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Help, 8 days off methadone can't sleep, restless legs

I'm 8 days and some hours off methadone. Had a surgery that was brutal and they gave me Roxas and I felt between the pain that was black out bad I could quit. I haven't been sleeping and restless legs are killing me!! Anyone know about how many days till I start feeling withdrawl  get easier?
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I’m sorry you have rls and a hard time sleeping.  I went to my doctor and got non narcotic withdrawal medication.  Clonadine really helped me during my rough patch in quitting methadone.  I suffered many weeks and started to feel really depressed.  I went to a psychiatrist and a therapist.  These professionals really helped me achieve life  without methadone.  
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I'm dealing with the no energy, body pains exp my legs and depression so bad :( I just want to feel normal...:(    I know one day i will just not today..   :(
Have you tried CBD oil? Some essential oils help restless leg syndrome. I mixed some in a rollerball and it helps. I rub  the oil on my legs and then wrap in a heating pad. That is the only way I can get to sleep
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I meant roxis. No pain meds including methadone 8 days now. Just as bad as day 1 though:(
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How are you doing today?
How are you doing today?
I'm at 32 days and so not sleeping... 1.5 hrs a day from restless legs so bad... sneezing,  no energy and body pain all over :(
What your feeling is normal but I would say your coming to the tail end if it's been 32 days off everything. I withdrew off the subs and it took 4 - 6 weeks before I could say I got any real sleep minus cat naps. I know nothing really helps with the RLS but while I was withdrawing my husband bought me some tight diabetic stockings. They did help! The compression gave me some relief so it might be worth a try?
I bought compression socks and they did help a but I couldn't find my size so they were a bit small so thry made my legs throb. I found that a spoon of yellow mustard helped someone told me about it... calm legs pills from Amazon and 400 MG of magnesium  glycinate.  Let's u sleep a few hours. Still going through it rn at 35 days

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