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Help?? Coming off opiates

I have been taking pills for ten years. I'm 27 years old. I just want the chase to be over. I started off taking Vic's 10mg  I could take 10 in a day and that limiting myself.i take oxy 30mg I take it all any type of pill I'll take it. I search everyday for Vic's oxy  précs. I take trimadol valine that's prescribed.  I just have to have something to get me threw the day. Ugh I hate it I've taken them for so long and functioned for so long, on them and lived life as its normal I love them for the energy. I don't know how to live with out them or the person I would be. I've done meth randomly quite no problem. I don't like the person I become so I stay away from that. I just don't know how to feel or what to do how to be strong. It's just me here no help me and I plan to do this I hate the thought of being sick, not sleeping and have restless leg syndrome omg that's what's so bad and then the worst part feeling so unhappy and sad and I cry anyhow ugh idk Advice. ???
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well, you are in the right place. there are a few of us in that boat too, my friend, and we are trying to be mutually supportive. it does help -- i know that i have spent hours and hours here, reading other people's stories, messaging with some.

you will get a lot of good advice and insight here -- from spiritual stuff to coping to vitamins and recipes to ease the pain. i am in the midst of hell myself, and remind myself constantly that time is passing, and things ARE getting better even if i can't feel it. the truth is, you are in for a few days of feeling just terrible -- but that's it. you will crawl the walls, and have sleepless nights, and ache all over. but it will go away, in a few days even.

but there are people here who genuinely care, have experience that will really help. you just gotta commit, and do it. you will feel lousy for a little while -- and that is ok. and you will be ok, sooner than you think. keep coming, keep talking, read a lot.
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Thank you, from my heart it's nice that you care. My mom is shooting up meth right now. I stick my nose up at her it's wrong I know but she got with a guy that has been in trouble for touching underage people. I have children she brought him to thanksgiving. And she said she didn't know tell he got picked up for missing court but she bailed him out.  I know he's getting her the meth.  She's always been my biggest support. I'm lost without her I've done everything to help her. I offered her to go to treatment with me she won't my mom has never called me a name my whole life. She has called me every name in the book now I'm so hurt.  I can't help myself or her
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you are right in that you cannot help her, but you CAN help yourself. you must. have you ever been to an AA or NA meeting?
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Yes I have my whole life camp outs everything under the sun but I didn't take pills them and I'm happy to report today my mo is three days clean she wasn't much help to me today but she looked good
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That's always our biggest fear isn't it....not wanting the pain if withdrawls. Those days will pass, but you have to get through them to get to the other side. It's hard, it is but it's doable. I wouldn't want to be around other drug users going through it though. I went through oxy withdrawals taking care of both my kids and I was on them for 11 years. I'm 13 months clean and still trying to find out who I am. But I'm enjoying doing it, it does get easier I promise it does.
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Hi.......well it sounds like your threw with this  by now your in the jaws of it...your so young to have this on your back  just know it is possible to live a normal life after the pills but it takes work and a progam of recovery....right now it is all about attitude  a positive attitude make the difference between being uncomfortable and suffering....suffering is a choice  I have said this a million times but you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile  this is 1/3 phyical and 2/3 mental be ready to fight it out on both fronts....now with that said a 10yr habit is not just going to go away on its own your going to need aftercare  for me N/A has been the magic bullet  it is free and the meetings are only a hour long  it will give you some place to share where the people understand  just because you stop the pills does not = recovery your still stuck with the addict in your head google a Na meeting in your area  keep posting for support
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Ha wow this story is pretty similar to mine! I too am 27, and was the same way on opiates thought I could live my whole life on them. Loved the energy the buzz the whole sha bang. Lived day to day on a schedule of pill popping 5 here 5 more in a few hours and I did more than you! Im 17 weeks clean off them and it's been bumpy but I can't tell you how much better this side of life feels. It honestly took me (personally) 90 days to start feeling like I'm not an addict anymore and I had joy in life again. I haven't thought about them in over a month. I owe my sobriety to NA the first couple times detoxing I though j could do it... NOPE... First time actually doing NA and longest I've ever been clean and not looking back. You have to lose those druggie friends, that was hard for me! Lose the drug dealers numbers/ or cut off script.. Then there will come a point where you can have these pills in your face and you'll toss them on the floor like they were nothing. Also finding something to replace your addiction with example video games working it reading etc. everyone in this world is an addict just find a healthy safe good one!!! I wake up looking forward to working out and going on dates and sometimes even work lol. you can do this!! Find that reason to stay clean!!!
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