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Help Stopping Roxy Cold Turkey

Hello everyone, Looks like I’ve found the right place. I’m new to the site and forums. I’m 36 years old, I have a wonderful girlfriend and a 4 month old son and I’ve been an addict for about 1 ½ years. I hurt my back about 2 years ago and was prescribed lortab. I took it for about 3 months without any problems other than the fact that my girlfriend didn’t want me taking pain meds. She is 100% against any type of meds that just cover up the symptoms. She is a strong believer in natural and Holistic healthcare. So I stopped taking the lortab. 1 month later I reinjured my back and was prescribed Diauldid 3 times a day. My GF was not happy about me taking pain medicine…I told her it would only be for a few weeks until my back was better…This is where the problem started. I had never taken anything like it before and my pain was totally gone and I loved the feeling of the medicine! It was great I felt like superman. I quickly started abusing and taking more than was prescribed. I ran out of the meds and ran back to the Dr for a refill without telling my GF. So several months went by and I was taking the meds & always running out early. I started buying any kind of pain pills I could get off the street just to feel normal waiting for my refill to become available. My refills didn’t last long. I had to spend more money and time chasing down pills just to feel normal and not sick. I was always telling lies to my GF…she was questioning me so much my lies just kept piling up and I was so pilled out and couldn’t keep my stories straight. I went back to the Dr & told him the Diauldid  was no longer working and he put me on Roxycodone 30 mg 4 x a day. I started snorting them. I pretty much stayed completely  fxxcked up and was snorting 10-15 pills a day. Somehow I managed to get my GF pregnant! I could barely keep a hard on these days! I was a complete loser while my wonderful GF was pregnant. I should have been cooking, cleaning and been there for her while she was carrying my child! I stayed in a pilled out daze 24/7. I kept telling myself Once our son is born things will change…I will be a Dad. I ran out of my Roxy & ended up buying about a dozen suboxone pills. I was pretty careful with them and managed to make them last almost a month…so I pulled myself together for the arrival of my beautiful son! That lasted maybe 2 weeks…My script was ready @ the pharmacy. So I went back to being a total loser! Getting so ****** up I couldn’t handle my own son without putting him @ risk of me nodding out while feeding him. Then my GF found my hiding spot where I kept my precious pills. So I got thrown out of the house and was told not to come back until I was clean for good. I told my Dad I had a serious addiction to pain medication. So here I am getting prepared to detoxify and be done with pills for good…Its time to get my life back together. I am looking for any help I can get for the hell I’m about to go through. I was going to try and just stop cold turkey. I have everything for Thomas recipe except the Xanax, I have some Temazapam and I still have about 40 Roxy’s. I also have a gym membership…They don’t have a hot tub but there is a steam sauna. Anyway if there’s other supplements or suggestions please let me know.
Thanks DJ
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I am on day 4 and feel so much better I am on the Thomas recipe to it worked wonders I would start the vitamins right away so it can start working and I bought the potassium pills apart because its helped me tremendously with leg cramps and one of my friends on here said Gatorade helped to not have sweats and chills u because of the electrolytes and I soaked in the bath tub it helped as u may know I got my valium from a friend I feel so much better but my main help came from above I got on my knees and just asked God to forgive me and help me through this trust me he made it so much easier keep posting and keep ur head up remember what's most important ur baby
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Hi everyone. I am on my first day of trying to get off roxy30  I have been using for about a year. I got up to 10-15 a day. I slowed down to maybe 2 a day within the last 3 days. I am so scared of the pain. It hurts so much. I also feel like the biggest waste of life. And at time think it is Easyer to let life go. I know it isn't an option but this pain is hell.
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Thanks for the reply. I'm getting all my vitamins and snacks, Gatorade and everything for the Thomas recipe today and will start my detox tomorrow. I use to take Milk thistle daily just to clense my liver....I wonder if it helps during detox?
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If you post on your own thread you will get the info you need.  Just go to the orange post a question button at the top of this page and post away!  I don't want your post to be missed.
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Hey ant do you have real pain issues? or r u worried about the pain of detoxing? I feel like i'm letting life go when I'm using...Its pretty sad when I have a 4 month old son...and a stupid refill on my rx gave me joy instead of being there with my girl and our son. live and learn. I'm relly looking forward to all my old hobbies that use to bring so much joy until I became a addict. Hang in there Ant and keep me posted on your detox
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I never took the medicine for pain issues. I took then to get high. I now have pain in my body from withdraws. I totally agree this drug eats ur life away. I don't go out the only time I leave my house is to see my supplier. I find by me reading on everyone's posts it helps a lot so I want to thank everyone here
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Hi there and welcome!  Your girl friend is a very strong woman. She probably did more for you (and the rest of your life) in that single action of throwing you out than anything anyone will ever do for you. You're a lucky man!

It sounds like you have a good plan. If you're going to just stop, you HAVE to get rid of the pills. Maybe give them to your girlfriend so she can get rid of them; it would be a symbolic gesture...it's just a thought.

Also, if you have more refills coming up in the future, you need to cancel those. Just call the pharmacy. Lastly, get rid of your contacts! Very important!   Let us know when you've done all of that and please post back with any questions.
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Hey Vicki, Thanks for the kind words and the tips about the contacts and remaining pills. I've been going through my phone deleteing contacts...I'm lucky because thats all they were...contacts not real friends  so they are easy to delete. I do have one problem...I was getting pills from a person who just lives a few house's away...but once Ive detoxed I really think I'm done with this pill problem. I'm ready to be happy and live agian!
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DJ:  You may think you're done and I don't want to discourage you here but most often that's not the case.  Anyone can go through withdrawal and come out alive but that doesn't mean you won't crave those pills! It's hard to know so you'll just have to do it!   You really should get some addiction recovery care; any type or more than one!

As far as the guy on your street: That's going to be tough for you because you'll know that anytime you can run over there. The only thing to do is keep it honest with him and hope he respects your choice.
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Is there anything I can do to prevent are lesson the eletric like body zaps during withdrawal?
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hey dj,
i have done alot of reading and there is evidence that omega 3 fish oil high in EPA ,calcium and vitamin e help with these zaps.the recommended dose of omega 3 is grams a day.
keep pressing on.
do you still have roxys left? it will be to tempting to keep them around.
we love flushing partys.
keep strong. you can do this.
sending prayers,hope,encouragement
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Thanks, Thats just the kinda info I'm looking for...Anything to help with the detox. The leftover Roxy is going to my GF to flush.

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