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Help from fellow migraine suffers

As you have probably read I posted about the twice a year migraine I get, well with it getting hot and now chilli again, and I believe with all the pollen, grass and blooms It has triggered the first mirgraine of the year. It started about 5 hours ago, and it is getting worse by the hour, it started with the pressure behind the eyes and now its hard for me to keep my eyes open without getting nauseous. So since I have always be given a pain patch and a shot to get me threw the week of hell, what can I do to ease this. Any suggestions would be greatly appricated. I have the cold rag on my head.. What natural things have you used to help ease? thanks guys and gals!
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I get migraines weekly. At times I have to be taken to the E.R due to my loss of fluids (puking) there is no cure, and truth is, doctors don't know what truly causes them. Dealt with this since I was 9-10 yrs old.

My advice is just sleep. Lay down in a cool dark place. You can try a cool wet rag, but that's really more for a headache. A true migraine usually can't be taken away, just made more bearable.

Stay away from loud sounds, stay off the pc, stay off the phone, no texting...I have tried everything natural under the sun, no luck for me. A lot of the migraine medications have real nasty side effects also, it just *****...just try and make yourself as comfortable as you can and try to rest.
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Good advice twist.  

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Natural migraine suggestions.
During a migraine, the tissue surrounding the brain becomes inflamed. Taking Omega-3 fatty acids lessen cells’ reaction to inflammation.
Take: 4,000 to 6,000 mg of fish oil daily with meals for best absorption. After eight to 12 weeks (if the migraines have stabilized), you can adjust the dose to 1,000 mg per day.  Calcium also helps for me, and for many (myself included) have discovered that Tylenol with the highest caffeine levels really helps.  Acupuncture also works if you can get into see someone during an episode.  Try and keep track of what you ate or drank a full 24hrs before you got your migraine. This can often times show you a "trigger" food or drink.  Example:  MSG can be a huge trigger for many.  Many... and I repeat MANY of our foods now contain MSG.  Even Cheese Curls, Doritos etc.  You have to search the internet to find all the names that they disguise MSG as now.  Very sneaky, but that's a whole other subject.  Sometimes I have to resort to an Ice Pack on my forehead or back of head.  Sometimes it works so you have to keep trying things. Whatever you do DON'T rub your temples if that where it is located.  It will only irritate it more.  Twist has great suggestions as well, but I would encourage you to search the internet on Natural Migraine Solutions.  Good luck!
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I am classified as having a headache disorder. I get migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches and sinus headaches. If you read my post you will see I had to start my detox all over,( day 45 now) because I was hospitalized with a headache. I saw one of the best
Neurologists and was told cold packs cause more harm. It makes sense since they cause blood vessels to constrict which causes the pain in the first place. I am not on ANY meds for my headaches which debilitate me once a month at least, because most have some type of habit causing properties. I am on oxygen treatment which TRULY helps. If you have not tried it, you should definitely ask your Neurologist about it. They will fix it so you get just enough oxygen for YOUR migraine. I will be thinking of you...feel better soon...

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