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Help in Portland oregon

I have been taking vicodin for about 11 years- Starting out as directed, and needed for pain I was able to have corrective surgery and omg I was getting prescribed 80 and 90 W/ refills for 9 months and I was increasing my dosage because "as Prescribed" wasn't cutting it anymore and I didn't realize I was "hooked" until the first time I was out .I did not let that last long. OMG I fell in love . I refered to them as my happy pills, because when I used them I did not feel depressed, and I am now taking (buying) up to  (depends on the day)) 10 750 ml. a day (sometimes more) at a cost of sometimes 600.00 a month, the damage I have created because of my addiction would take 10 pages,I want my life back!. I have tried to quit and I can not even explain the severity of my withdrawals. I have over the past tapered down but I am so tired and withdrawn I can not function, so I give up and start my usual dose again. I heard after 10 or so years your brain chem. severely changes and you can't stop taking opiates or you could die. So to make a long story longer- I gave up. I have been so depressed and hopeless I do not know what to do. I was driving home last night and I heard on the radio about NABBT a man was telling his story and that his Dr. put him on a sub and he has been clean for a long time now. I had never heard of a "sub" and I was freakin' elated, I am wondering if anyone is or knows of how to get help w/ "subs" in Portland Oregon. Can my primary care Dr. Prescribe them and help me or do I have to get a "special" Dr. I also want to know what is the best type and how does the process work? And does it really help? I cannot continue the path I have been on I really, really need help so please only serious responses I am so greatful and thank u in advance! I hope to hear from someone soon!
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Sub for a 75mg hydro habit would probably be a huge mistake. Sub isnt a golden bullet by any means. And it is still a narcotic. You are at a low enough dose to taper or quit cold turkey. Look at the right hand side of the screen .... Under Health Pages you will find a lot of information about sub....do your homework and learn as much as you can about it.   Also look at the Thomas Recipe and the Amino Acid Protocols in the health pages. They will give you some ideas.  And good luck with whatever yo decide on.
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Well - I did read your post again........and you dont need to explain the severity of your withdrawals - we all know.  Not every Doc can prescribe sub - takes a full 8 hour class to qualify for that one.....be very careful with the idea of sub. There is no easy and painless way out of this mess. Even sub has what is known as "the suboxone spanking" when you stop therapy. Very few get out with no complications. Most that have withdrawn from sub say that they would have been better off detoxing from their DOC - - Only two classes of drugs are known to kill from withdraws ...... one is alcohol and the other is benzodiazepines. The rest just make you wish you were dead. Keep looking for your answer - - you will find it sooner or later. And get and then stay strong!  Lot of good information in the Health Pages .......
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Hey, I was on hydros 10-12 a day for the most part of 7 years. I had gone through wds a few times and always relapsed not realizing the nature of the beast of addiction. Through educating myself and trying whatever I could I have been clean 65 days...but through not giving up when I slipped have been wo pills for 8months out of the year(not consecutivly). It is not easy and you have to understand how your addiction fools your thoughts and emotions. I would not believe thay being on them that long permanently damages your brain. It just takes a good 3 months to start feeling like yourself again. After the physical wd things get better but you have to deal with the mental anxiety and emotional rollar coaster feelings that do get better but it takes time for all of us. I have never used Sub but most who post here say it is not a good idea with pills bc it is a stronger drug and the wd will be worse from it. How do you do with tapering. Is there anyone who can help you? Are you able to talk to your doctor ? Avisg, one of our community leaders used to have a taper plan in her journal. You can do it slowly. Please do not feel hopeless. You CAN do this. We will help you. I check my messages at least daily and would be happy to give you any support you need. Please feel free to PM me anytime you need support or just want to talk. Be strong, You can do this. God bless, Corey
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Hi welcome to the forum.........I came off a 18 pill a day addiction.  I went ct and with all the help from these people i am now over 7 months clean.  This is not hopeless at all.  You can get your life back.  It takes alot of hard work but it is very doable.  We have all felt the way you do so we understand.  Please stay on this site and post and read.  Talk to us and let us help you thru this.  You dont have to be a prisoner to these pills anymore.  You can do this............sara
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If youre interested in subs, go to the suboxone website and theres a map of your area where the closest docs who work with this stuff are.(thats what I did) You will hear positives and negatives about subs. My short story is I was on 20 to 30 oxys a day and yes the subs took the withdrawals away. but subs can be addicting too even though its not a "happy" pill like my oxys and yours were. And I found that out because I was on them a little too long. But forget about me as it seems like youre ready to take the first step. DO IT! I know you can however you do it you have to just take that first step and keep going from there. Good luck and go and do it!
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I saw the eagle mention an 8 hr class. In my case I just called the doc when I was ready to take the first step, saw him the next day for an hour, and I was on subs the next day. Not disagreeing with theeagle in the slightest, I guess just different situations for different areas maybe. Never heard of that.
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Overlooked that theeagle mentioned its a 75mg a day habit. Didnt see her mention that. Maybe subs arent the anwser, thats not a staggering dose but please take that FIRST STEP however you do this. Let me put it this way, This may sound run-of-the-mill but If I did it ANYONE can do it. And you will be so proud of yourself when you get through this. And so will we!
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That 8 hour block of class is all the Doctor has to go through to prescribe the stuff - - probably would be a good idea to at least have a short class open for the people that really do take it also, though ...
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sorry I thought you were talking about the patient, not the doc. Youre right though, I wish I learned a little more about it before i took it.
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Hi. They were my happy pills for years and then even after taking 12-14 10mg pills a day the happy feeling was really weak because of the tolerance I built up. I went cold turkey over four months ago and except for the first four or five days the withdrawals were not that bad.  

I would not use the Sub to do this because from what I have read the withdrawals from this are worse than the vicodin.

I know you can do this because I was taking a lot more pills than you are and I am doing great today.
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As eagle said subs are not the best idea for a 75mg hydro problem there is tapering or CT its going to be rough but belive me you can do it and we will be here for support .
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