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Help me off of Norco/Vikes please

I have been taking norco/vicodin 7.5 for many months…  8 -12 a day which surprisingly isn't that far off from what I have been prescribed (6-8)   I am early into day two… achy, headache…  wondering what is coming up…. how many days is it going to last?  Am I going to want to crawl out of my skin and go insane or am I just going to be very uncomfortable?  ONE big question:  should I try to sleep through it or should I get up and move around (even though I don't want to lol)  I am scared….  mentally, emotionally and physically scared…  thanks xo Sara
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I wish you could sleep through it. Check out the Thomas Recipe. I'm on day 8, and it's helped me sooo much. Hang tough, and make it another hour!!
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thx for the reminder of prayer.. what do you think about the Thomas method do you think helped the most?
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Hi Sara and welcome! A big congrats on your 2 days clean!! Please don't psyche yourself out too much. Opiate detox is not a fun thing, but it's not the end of the world. If you are already 2 days in, you should be through the worst of the physical symptoms in the next 2-3 days. Hang in there and stay strong! If you can sleep, sleep. If you can't, don't fight it and get up and do something. Sitting around and watching the clock is not going to help right now. Watch some funny tv/movies, chat on here, go for a walk, listen to some music, read a book. Do anything to get out of your head and through this. If things get a little too stressful, or too much to take, take a time out in a nice hot bath. Try some epsom salts in. This really does help a lot. You can do this! We are here for you. Please keep posting and keep us updated. Take care of yourself and keep your head up.
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The vitamins, and the restless leg meds are the best I think. Also, I caved and went it the doctor for 'insomnia' and got 10 klonipins. I know it's not he best idea, but I finally slept!!!!
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Welcome and congrats for taking the leap to live a clean life.  I had great success with the Epsom salt baths...hot, hot baths.  I also needed the Imodium the first week or so, just make sure you are taking it per the directions.  If you are tired and able to sleep, then sleep,  Like ARiley stated, If your brain is going, you need to distract it...music, movies, post, read.  If you can exercise now, then go for it.  Even if it is just a walk around the block.  After the first 3-5 days, I found that getting up and moving was key to keep my body going and my brain distracted!
If you have any questions, always know you can come here and ask.  This place is amazing for both the information AND the support!  I wish you the very best and am sending prayers of strength your way!
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