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Help want to detox of methadone NOw

I have been a true suffering patient of chronic pain, I opted out of Oxy,Roxie's,loratab,mscotin,and morphine sulfate. I heard methadone was the least to get you high, and I truthfully don't judge, but didn't want the high cause I have 3 kids to care for! My dr was prescribing 10mg of methadone two in a half tablet twice a day, 150 quantity. I stoped going over 2 years again cause my spouse who was in the accident with me also was seen and apt would take all day, cash pay only of 175.00, and the office seemed to be filled to capacity without real injuries, Since in could no longer afford to pay over 300.00 a moth for both of us, he went, cause unlike me he was addicted to the high of the Oxycodone30s, he would get 180 at on time but got down to oxy 10mg, 90quanity, and the methadone the same, which he didn't like so I was able to continue use, We are not separated cause his addition has taken over his ability to be a father, every dime he makes goes on to pay his habit cause what he is prescribed is no way enough, he is about a 400-500 day user! He left a month and a half ago and I guess I knew we would hold back my methadone and did, so I started weaning, I am now down to 6 ,10mg pills, and last two doses I took 10 mg 12 hours apart! I need to know the best way to get off, just stop! Or take 5mg ever12 hrs for 3 days and then what? Will I still be detoxing bad? Any suggestions? I am prescribed Zanax and plan to sleep it of? Can anyone tell me how long this detox will take? And what to expect?.i am so scared, all comments and suggestions please would help
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Hey, just pushing your comment up to the top of page : )
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I got mixed up with your boyfriend and you. Let's just talk about you. So, what was your stable dose, how fast did you get to 20mgs very 24 hrs, how much responsibility do you have after stopping? Give us more info specifically about you and your situation. I always suggest tapering below 10mgs a day if you can. I couldn't and payed the price, but no matter, it has still been worth it. Congrats on your decision to leave methadone behind. I liked the ability to function on methadone too, I really relate to that. I never partied on it, actually took less at parties than at work. Anyway, give us more info, we will try to help.
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