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Help with Loritab detox

I am taking 5 or more a day and want to get off and have the will power to stop buying them if I can just get past the detox, any suggestions on how to do this, I cannot let my husband know what is going on so going to a rehab center is not an option for me. Please help. want off now!
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hi and welcome. my words will be a bit sketchy because i am only on day 3 of detox from lortabs. I was using 40 per day.
this is not my first go round.
you can do this. Why can't you tell your husband? fear? you could say you have the flu because that is precisely what it will feel like (times 2 ).
If you could give the pills to taper, it may be easier so you can function. Its what i did. however, it requires tons of resolve and you have to want to be clean over wanting to feel a high....so on a taper it is risky. but with help, someone holding them, you can do it.
OR, the more popular one is cold turkey. 4-7 days flu like symptoms, lots of bathroom trips , lots of skin crawling and lots of insomnia.
but it is DOABLE. read the posts on here!! proof!
bottom right hand corner is the Thomas Recipe and amino acids protocol. try those for help. get supplements for sure no matter which way you choose. It is possible. you can do it. i promise.
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The taper method never worked for me, if they were in my posession I always used the excuse "just one more high" or "I'll start tomorrow" I was taking Percocet and Vicoprofen. I'm now on day 6, I feel much better. The first day was hard, mainly because I didn't know how to do anything without that high. Day 2 was more physical, I felt like hell but I drank A LOT of water which helped. Day 3 I thought I was going to be okay, hardley any physical symptoms. Day 4 ANXIETY and DEPRESSION - Not a good day. Day 5 Some anxiety and depression, but lastnight I almost skipped out of the shower. Lastnight, I did get some sleep, the other nights were hell I couldn't get comfortable. Today, I almost feel normal, just extremely bored with everything, and I'm still feeling the cold sweats.

My advice, Don't Rush This! Drink Plenty of Fluids, Force Yourself To Eat (if the diarrhea isn't too bad) Take Advil and at night try a sleeping pill. Take Your Vitamins!
Just keep thinking how happy you were before this, think of all the postive sides to quitting.
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And get an aftercare because without your higher power it wont work You have to acknowlege Him first which is GOD in my case.GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND WHILE IM PRAYING FOR MYSELF ILL BE PRAYING FOR YALL TO ILL ASK HIM TO COVER ALL YALL WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS THAT ACCEPT.THANK YOU ALL GOD BLESS.
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this is my fourth attempt at getting clean from lortab in the last 9 months I have never made it past 1/12 days. I always have another excuse. I am 24 hours without lortab right now and I pray I can kick it this time. I was up to 20-25 7.5 per day and at $5 each I am officially broke. Lortab has nearly wrecked my life. It has strained all of my relationships, nearly run my onetime very successful business in the ground. I am on the verge of bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown. Only my brother (business partner) knows of my addiction and fortunately is supportive(he has been an addict himself). I have my suboxone and Xanax to ease the withdrawels and so far not so bad. I have to do this or the pills are gonna kill me. My health is deteriorating rapidly, my only hope at this point is my liver will heal back to normal. LORTAB is EVIL!!!!! Wish me luck and pray for me as I shall pray for those out there with this same affliction. If I can make it a week I can make it forever!! I have to I have no other choice before all is lost
God Bless and thank you all

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by the way today is my 36th birthday so this I'd my birthday present to myself ......I will kick the addiction, I have the resolve and support now I want to see my 37th birthday but if I continue this drug is gonna kill me!!! I can't believe it started with a simple  prescription of 14 lortabs for a toothache 2 years ago. I am amazed at how easy it for this drug to control your life. I took all kinds of drugs for years lortabs included on a recreational basis without the slightest bit of addiction and WHAM!!! It got me! The hell with lortab, if you are reading this and are addicted as I am my prayers are with you. We need this support and I am thankful for this forum. God bless us all!! Keep on fighting.... I'm focusing on how my life was before lortab...I cannot wait to be there again.  K
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think you gave yourself the best gift. My addiction started with a script of 12 Vicoprofen for a toothache, then I found out the people I was closest to at work were addicts! It was all downhill from there...Especially when I found out one of them got a script for Percocet 10mg - My Weakness. I look at myself back then and I think how stupid was I. I've always been the extremely energetic, naturally high person- I can't wait to be that person again! Good Luck to all of you! We will make it out of this hell hole and become stronger people for doing this!
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I cannot tell my husband because he not the type to deal with drama, drugs depression or any of the above, also he is in law enforcement. I am not depressed at all, I love my life and my husband is a great man BUT I get a high from these pills that has got me hooked. They are prescribed to me 30 a month for bad migraines and cramps (but I purchase more when I'm out), due to the fact I am unable to take IB's because of a gastric bypass a year and half ago. Seems like I replaced one addiction (food) for another (tabs). I may be doing my husband a real disservice by not trusting he loves me enough to help me with this, but I am ashamed and I don't want to have to see dissappointment in his eyes. I tried something last night, well I took 1 and a half (10mg) when I got off work, bad headache (at least I am telling myself that) then went home cooked dinner for my family took a hot bath and took some liquid Tylenol PM and tried to see if I could just not take another, I got really tired but my legs were twitching, so I took one at 11pm and went to bed. I am going to try to cut back and not buy anymore, but I am thinking I may not be able to do this myself. I wish I could talk to my mother as she is a recovering alcoholic almost 3 years sober, but I don't want to stress her. I'm so lost. We have great insurance, should I try to just go to a hospital and detox. would this be the easiest way out?
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I know exactly how you feel, but you need to confide in someone. I am only two days right now without lortab (20-25 7.5s) per day. I am taking Suboxone for the physical withdrawels. It WORKS, no leg aches no twitching just feeling a little anxious. So I am sparingly taking Xanax. Go see your pain doctor he might can prescribe you Suboxone....it works!! I have detoxed once before with it I just wasn't ready to give up the lortabs. Sweetheart I am only two days without and have very little craving and feel pretty good. You need to confide in someone for support. You don't want the addiction to become worse...IT WILL... There are good nonnarco drugs for your migraines. Just look at your life and loved ones... You will destroy those relationships with lortab, it may take years but lortab is freakin EVIL. I wish you the best of luck and you are in my prayers

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We can do this together. I'm only on day 4 and want another one so badly. I already went to one doctor and he gave me some to taper off, but i blew through those pretty fast and am having withdrawl for the second time in 2 weeks :( All I know is my family is worth it, my life is worth it - please PM me if needed. I think it's imperative to have someone else KNOW about your addiction. My entire family knows now, and none of them have acted like they are judging me. The dr even explained how easily it is to get addicted. There are more people going through this than you think. We can make 2010 a fabulous year, without pills!
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I am in tears just reading this, I want to tell my husband but am so afraid. I will though. I know he loves me. I do have a question though can a primary care doc prescribe Suboxone? He is who prescribes me the tabs. I go all day at work without one but think about them all day and can't wait until after work when I can take one, I feel so lost right now. All of your words have really touched me and I am hopeful, I called a local mental hospital in my area and asked some questions, she said insurances don't usually pay for detox or substance help with tabs, she tols me to start with my medical doc and ask for help there, is this also what you all think too? I am def questioning my inner strength with this but thank you so much and I will keep everyone posted.
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I'm 2+ days without very little physical withdrawels but definately I want one. See if your doctor can prescribe suboxone it works. Good luck and god bless-k
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Each and everyone of us has our own fears...but u can do this..ur dose is so do-able

I would try my hardest before i looked into methods to MAKE me clean//cos none of them will..only u can do this for urself//only u..if spending lots of money will help re-inforce ur goals//then by all means do so...but what have u tried//really tried so far?

A 50 mg or less habit a day is CT or a taper if u can control it//most can not control a taper///but being the fact that u r asking for help before u r at rock bottom..perhaps this really bugs u//this addiction to ur pills...that u could go down a pill a week or 1/2 a pill a week..lots has to do with if u r a true addict or not//many have a hard time tapering but it will definitely teach peeps the lesson they have no control over their DOC in the process

It is a mind set//when u r done u just know it...it may not be the first attempt but u will get there...we feel as bad as let we ourselves feel//we crave as much as we allow our mind to let us crave///we cave cos our mind says...hey laura..give up now!  we just can not let the pills control our thoughts anymore...we gotta take control of what we do and what we take into our body

lots of support here...keep posting
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