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Help with opiate withdrawal

I recently made the decision to stop using opiates and tapered myself off using some suboxone I had left over from an old prescription. I've never really gone this long without using AT ALL throughout the entire process, it's been about 2 weeks and I'm still feeling uncomfortable. Are there any at home remedies that will take the edge off a little bit? I've heard vitamins B and C, warm baths, bengay and heating pads, but is there anything else you guys recommend? I still have night sweats, RLS, constant fatigue and some back pain.
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Welcome to the Forum! Look here for that info. http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=66
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There are some good things on this site to give that little extra comfort that is so welcome at this time of your recovery. Time my friend. Only time will truly heal. I was on so much pain meds for so many years I can say it was a bit over a year before I got my mind right. Now that's not saying that will be you, just saying not everyone is good to go in a week or two. You have gone two weeks. That is a complete MIRACLE. You have got much of this crap behind you. Retreat is not an option, it is death. It took you a while to get here right? It will take a bit of undoing. No doubt I know every minute seems like a lifetime. One day soon your gonna wake up and your gonna notice things around you for the first time even though you have been around them for ever. Your gonna get your life back. I can promise you that. You gotta hang in there though. No one said this would be easy. BUT it is WELL WORTH IT. I'll pray for you. GOD bless.
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