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Help with quitting hydrocodone please...

Hi all,
I have been taking between 3-5 10 mg hydrocodone every day, nasally, for the last couple of months. I quit once before with suboxone. Second time trying with suboxone was a fail. It made me sick. Felt horrible, vomited, just all around bad. So I went back to using the pain pills. They make me feel normal. Not high really, just no anxiety, depression, gave me a bit of energy and I feel like I can function, get things done. Here is my situation now. I have one left, being honest, it will bring me up to 45 mg done today when it's gone. This time around I haven't done more than 5 in a day.
I want to stop. I need to stop. I am broke, but here is what I have on hand.
1 unopened box of Imodium Multi Symptome, 2mg (18 pills)
1 bottle of L-Tyrosine 500mg
1 bottle of Potassium Gluconate 550mg
4 Nuerontin 400 mg

What will be my best bet to ease WD? The absolute worst part for me is the anxiety. My brain runs a million miles an hour, feel impending doom, scared to death. I have no klonopin, xanax, nothing like that. If I could ease the anxiety I think I could make it. Suggestions? Please help. This is ruining my relationship, my finances. I need to get clean. My brain is my worst enemy. It may sound strange but the opiates calm me and give me energy at the same time. I love them. I won't lie. But this needs to stop. Any help will be taken to heart. Thank you all.
Oh also. Anyone hear of nuerontin helping with "pill sickness", wd? I have talked to a few who swear it works. But I only have 4 I was "gifted."
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I feel for you...I'm detoxing also but I have a different problem. I have almost 100 pills but I can't take them because they are causing horrible anxiety. So I'm on day 7 and I'm feeling so much better. I chose to wean off so that I didn't go through hell. I'm down from 30mgs to 7.5 taken over a 24 hr period. I'm also a nurse. Remember to drink water, Gatorade to stay hydrated. Eat comfort foods. Take Imodium, and try and sleep when you can. Sleep is the best healer! I'm here for you hun. I'll keep checking in on you.
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The Neurontin decreased my withdrawal symptoms signicantly.  Can you go to a doctor, confess your addiction, and ask for help.  That's what I did.  He prescribed me Neurontin, Clonidine and Trazadone (for sleep).  Just a thought.  Otherwise, you can power thru with what you've got.  Embrace the 3 - 5 days of "flu" as a right of passage and use it as a reminder - a reason - not to relapse again.  Pulling for you, friend.
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Hi, Elk. Yup, same story as most of us. In fact I was on about 10 to 12 10mg hydro per day by the end. Double what you were on. So yes, you can absolutely do this.

I don't know about nuerontin but the amino acids etc are good. Look up the Thomas Recipe on here for the basics you need for detox. Remember, this will ease it a bit, but detox is really paying the piper; we need to accept that it's uncomfortable. It's okay, you won't die.

I loved opiates, too. We all do. It's just that the hell our lives turned into wasn't worth the lousy 30 min. of "high" after a while as you know. And now, it's not even a high, it's just maintenance. Glad you are doing this.

You will have anxiety, you will not sleep much. It's okay. It's all part of coming to the other side. As we always say on here, getting clean is easy, STAYING clean is the work. You know that because you've been thru this before. Once the drugs are gone, that's the real work. We still have our addict brains. Aftercare is vital. Folks that don't do aftercare relapse inevitably. Check out NA/AA soon as possible.

Stay close and others will be on here for more support.
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