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Help with sleep

Just on day one off opiate. Cant sleep. Any suggestions?
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Hi!  The best thing, and really only thing, is time!  OTC sleeping pills containing antihistamine will wire you more.  Natural stuff like melatonin and allteril are ok but may or may not work.  And prescription sleeping pills will work but put off the inevitable which is having to do it yourself at some point.  I honestly think that sleeping pills just put off the WDs and the normal sleeping pattern will take longer to return.

That's just been my experience.  Sleeping pills are SO super, crazy addictive.  My best bet to tell anyone is Allteril.  You can get it at wal mart.  The only other thing I tell anyone is Nyquil.  It has an ingredient that will help RLS and fixing that usually helps people rest.  Just a dose though. Not half the bottle like addicts like to do! LOL

Great that you're stopping the pill madness!  You'll be so happy you did! : )
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linton, the first 4-5 days are pretty sleepless, sorry to say. I averaged about an hour a night, about 15 minutes at a time. Unfortunately this is just part of the process. I'm at the end of day 7 and I PROMISE it does get better, you just have to tough it out if you want it bad enough...which I did/do, after 6 years of making those pills my God. I got about 4 hours last night...so it does get better. I do take melatonin, it doesn't always work, but its worth a try. You're not alone hon! I spent the first 4 nights glued to this site.

Tram, your comment about the cough syrup cracked me up.
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If you are struggling with sleep, dont lay there and toss and turn as that gets frustrating.  Get up, watch a movie, read or listen to some music.  Time will be your friend now.  You are doing a great thing here by getting clean.  Congrats on your clean time!!   sara
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HE well earlly on theres not much  of anything that seams to work but after a few days melatonin and valarian root will help some.......I stumbled on to a really good tea it called ....''YAGI'' kava stress relieving tea the walmarts out here cary it othwise check your fancier grocery stores seep 2 bags for 10 min and then add a bit of sweetner in 15 min to 1/2 hr you will be ready to sleep also no hang over feeling its worth looking for it is by far the best herbal tea I have found and I have tryed many I hope you get some sleep good luck and God bless......Gnarly
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When I went through the process of weaning off Rx drugs,  I faced the same thing.    Nothing helped,  not tea, melatonin, you name it,  it did nothing.    The reason it takes time to get back to your normal sleep/wake cycle is the brain having a lag time.    These chemicals disrupt the brain's ability to produce its own.     It takes time before the brain realizes it needs to begin that process again.    It will slowly return as some have posted.     Why the medical community does not see this issue is beyond me.    It must have something to do with big business,  aka large pharmaceutical companies producing what society (doctors and patients) feels are great medicines to help people.      
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Deep Breathing will sometimes put me back to sleep after I've woken up.
I lean my head back, breath in from nose, out through mouth, and sometimes I'm asleep before I know it.
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