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I am a 27 year old guy, good lookin, smart, and really could make something for myself, but i'm ruining my life spending all my money on pain killers, stealing them off my mother. I need to quit,buti can't ever do it.  What can i do to stop this!  I remember my life before drugs and it was nice, now i can't see my life w/o them.  Help?!?!
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Hey you just have to want to do it. Just stop taking them. You have to realize it doesn't get better taking those stupid pills. Once you’re through the withdrawal the worst is over. Focus on what you want and don't stop until you get it. Believe me...you can do it, if you want you. I have been in your shoes and it's not fun. Hold on...when you think you can't anymore. Your life is worth it!
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What do you take?  How much?...maybe you can taper?....fact is...as the above poster mentioned "you have to want it"  I had a long addiction but, not a high addiction.  I did taper, and was lucky, as tapering is not easy.  I got to the point that I just said "Enough is Enough!!"  Sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You will reach that point someday, or be forced because you ran out or your supply is cut-off.  You can't do this forever, so you can make the choice, or it will be made for you and that is not always the good way.

Please keep reading and keep posting.

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several alternatives for quitting..like naughty asked..what is ur daily dose? DOC? also u just gotta want this cleandom so bad that it falls into place..could u visit a few meetings in ur area just to hear people talk about the deep doo doo these pills can cause..scary to say the least..u r young..get out while the getting is good..this crud dont get no better/only worse

the forum is a great place to be right now,,,lots of support here..read the healh pages when u can..learn and understand what has happened here..often if u know the cause..u can work on the cause..keep posting

keep us posted
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First off....you must have some sort of inclination to quit....you either googled this website or stumbled upon it.  Either way that is the first sign you need and want to quit!  I  have only been clean for two days, and am in no position to give you advice, except that if you want to quit, you gotta at least try.  Like worried said the forum is a great place to start.....so many people on here share similar stories to yours.  It's a struggle, a fight, and sometimes a fight for your life.  I think about pills every minute (literally).  I keep thinking of how my life was before, and I don't want to depend on a pill to make my life happier, or easier to deal with.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!  You will get lots of good advice on here, so many wonderful courageous people...........Good Luck :)
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Everyone here is so right. I am 14 days clean from a very heavy habbit, 25 daily, 101mg Lortabs. I feel better today (some points of tiredness - normal) but I haven't been happier. I never thought I could get through the day with out these pills. I'm in my 40's and when I looked around me sometimes I wondered how everyone could be so happy with out taking something - everyone had to be doing something, I couldn't be further from the truth. I can say every day for me after 3 or 4 got better. It has been a fight, a fight for my life as one stated in here. I have posted almost everyday since day 1, ground zero. I am sleeping better, outlook on my life is better and even became more spiritual as a result, not too religious here. Anyway, it can be done but you have to go in with the mind set you want it, or it wont be  done.  You can do this, there are many here to help you, guide you and talk to you. Use us! Drink, eat and move as often as possible to get your body back to normal. Many here have many ideas that are different that have helped them, including me. Everyone is different but after about day 4, the phys part slows. Just be ready for the head trip - thinking you can just take one? doesn't work. GO FOR IT! YOU CAN DO IT
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(correction) That was 10mg pills, 25 daily
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Day 12 here clean from everything, from a 10-15 a day 30mg Roxy addiction.... i used suboxone as my Detox drug.  Consult a doc on taper methods or if you are a street buyer... i detox facility maybe the most effective way.  As this being my second time having to go through this i can tell you it's not easy but able to be done like said above with proper care, will power, and aftercare.  
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