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I'm at the end of my rope. I've been taking at least 10 lortab a day for a while now. Saturday I took 5 at one time. I don't need them anymore and I'm sick of it!!! I'm tired of the way they make me feel. I'm scared to death of the withdrawal. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hi petal,

Fuzzy here. I am addicted to codeine well I was, 16 days clean I had the same thought as you. You can either taper reduce or go cold turkey. I tried to reduce but I have no self control. I would take thirty tabs a day shovel ten down the throat and think nothing of it. I am unsure of the withdrawals for Lortab, but I wish you all the best. Keep posting and reading past threads. And if you fancy a blether just keep posting.

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hello, i am on day 7 of no vics, not going to lie to you, first 5 days were hell. never vomited so much in my life, you have to quit, it will only get worse, wd/s suck but you can make it, i was taking opiates for 3 years, almost bankrupted my family, i still don,t feel whole, but getting better, just be strong and quit and never take another pill, ever, good luck
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  I too am a wife, mom and a pain med junkie.  I quit cold turkey 3 d ago and haven't really slept since.  My  body feels achey and I am sooo depressed.  I cry over anything.  My addiction is to percocet.  I was taking up to 12 a day.  I feel like I can do anything when I'm high.  Unfortunately my body has become so numb that I have to double up just to feel a change.  I ran out and have promised myself no more refills!!  I have gone through this before and always give in.  I too am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I really have to force myself to get up and get going and the days seem longer than ever.  Many times during the day I think about how I can get my hands on just 2 pills to get me through this.  I continue to lie to myself time and time again. 2 more pills, ya right!!  Soon I will find joy in my life without these pills.  I pray that God holds me up while I am feeling so low.  I want to be clean, I really do, but God do I miss my pills.  It's so sick, I have a bigger love affair with the pills than I do with my family. It's time to get our lives back on track one day at a time!!  
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Thanks for the advice. I am new to medhelp. I created an account back in 2008 (when my problem first started) but didn't keep up or maintain it. I will keep posting. It's awesome to have a place to talk to people that you know are going through the same things as you.
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the WITHDRAWAL MONSTER is NOT half the bad a-- I had it built up to be in my mind. Of course the first 3 or 4 days is nothing to look forward to. but I bet you spend more than 3 days suffering in a active addiction to opiates.  You can do it.  I never took loratab but did vic, hydro, oxy, percs daladid codine   not loratab or tram.  How did I miss them.  Anyway babe.  You can do this !!!!   This site rocks for help!!!!!

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Thanks for the encouraging words. I only get on this site once every day but it does help to read everyones comments. I am having kind of a hard time. Stomach pains started. Muscles are aching, head is hurting and the lack of sleep is horrible. I'm also having very vivid dreams....can anyone relate to this???
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Yes I cn so relate I am 8 days clean and the wdrawls were hell. I didnt thnk they would ever end. Bt arnd dayl 5 I startd to gt btr . The only issue I have is tryin to go to sleep
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it feels as if these withdrawls are never goin to get better im only on day 5 but i still feel'em pretty bad does it get better by the 7th day cuz it just feels as if im goin to feel like this forever
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Your nt going to goin to feel like this forever it just takes time for your body to recover ur almst there stay strong
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