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Im on day 14 of being off opiates. Im having a terrible time with all over back and stomach pain.  Tried imodiem. Nothing ive tried is helping.  As soon as i get home from work, im all over the heating pad.  Afraid to take ibuprofin, because of stomach upset.  Have taken tylenol, not sure if its helping.  I was feeling pretty good yesterday afternoon and this morning.  Now im in a lot of anguish......Its too hot to take a soaking bath.   Hellppppp!!!
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I felt better around say 14 or so then pain started and my refill came time to fill. My stupid butt refilled it now I'm just going on day 3 again. Try and keep up the life without pills. I'm trying. Yes it ***** but doesn't life looking for pills suck too?
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I've seen sereal people on here say use genuine imodium, not generic, and most claim that it takes way more than recommended label dosage, more like 4 to 6 to get things under control and feeling better in the stomach area.  I myself used 2 large bottles of pepto my first week.

Are you on any other meds, before you use much home remedy stuff let us know.  i'll be back soon.
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Hi brokenhearted! Congrats on 2 weeks! That is amazing. I have a lot of stomach issues and find that taking a good probiotic pill every day helps. It really regulates your GI tract. As far as the back pain, there's not a lot you can do for that. Ibuprofen if your tummy can handle it. Maybe give icy hot a try. It helps me a little sometimes. I hope that you can get some relief soon. Hang in there, you're doing great!
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So glad ur on the clean side of things. :) do u exercise at all?  I know it's hot, I'm in Mississippi, but Epsom salt baths really help.  And of course prayer, if u believe in that :)
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First off, congrats on 14 days!  That is absolutely awesome; so proud of you!  Just want to let you know (and hopefully put your mind at ease a bit); the stomach issues lingered for me after getting off the trams for a few weeks, maybe even a month.  And I also have heard the same thing about what the member about mentioned about using the brand name Immodium.  'Why' or 'if' this really makes a difference I am not sure, but I did use the brand name myself and it really did help.  Eating yogurt seemed to help, peppermint (in teas, candy, etc.), also helped, as well as hydrating as much as possible.  And the back pain; did you have trouble with this before quitting the opiates?  I have had it for years (like for 15 years; in fact it was what started my whole tramadol love affair!); and it really seemed to amp up in the weeks following my detox and withdrawal.  I did it in December, so the hot bath was great in all ways.  I can understand why it may not sound real appealing when it is hot and humid out, but maybe try it with warm instead of hot water and add some Epsom salts - it helped me SO much; not just the aches and pains but just for overall relaxation as well.  Light a candle, listen to some relaxing music - this really can go a long way!  And the exercise thing; I know it's probably the last thing you feel like doing, especially when you are in pain, but if you can even get in a short walk (10 minutes); anything - get the endorphins going and try to build just a minute or 2 each day.  It really will help you; you will feel better and get stronger.  You have done SO well....hang in there, I know it is hard but it really is worth it.  Things will get better.  Think of the 'big picture', these few weeks are well worth what you will get in return :)
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the magnesium/potassium supplements help with your muscles. just like the Epsom salts in the bath. try to switch between ice and heat on your back. the pain does intensify but it will begin to subside in a little more time.
exercise helps a lot, stretching, walking, swimming. have you tried chiropractor, massage, acupuncture? over the counter hot or cold patches, topical sprays, it will all help take the edge off.
for your stomach a BRAT diet, bananas, rice, apples and toast are good.
yogurts, probiotics.
keep moving forward you are doing awesome.
congrats on your clean time.
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Are you having stomach pain as in cramping/diarrhea? Or something else? If its diarrhea try the Imodium for sure. Ibuprofen would help with the back pain and shouldn't cause too much stomach upset, especially if you take it with food.

I'm also on day 14 and having aches and pains. Especially my back and my head. My solution is water, ibuprofen, and ignore! The last one isn't working out so well ;)
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