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Hey everyone. I just got the biggest job opportunity of my life. Problem is im perscribed to methadone and will be drug tested. Im on 70mgs. Does.anyone know if the thomas recipe works with methadone bc i need to detox off this asap. Pls pls help me thanx
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Please see a physician for a rapid detox protocol.  This is extremely important in terms of your job. It documents your taking steps to end the habit. There are several detox protocols, the most effective of which require several days of hospitalization. Remember you can be fired years down the line for making false statements in many jobs. Good luck.
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Um...do not do any type of rapid detox. So dangerous. Not to mention the important part which is Staying clean. Do you want to be clean for you or only because you don't want to be caught while being tested?
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I'm a lawyer, and recovering addict.  Although I haven't handled an ADA claim in years - I think you're protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, provided the employer employes > 50 people.  Addiction is a protected disability, and you've got strong claim that you can't be denied employment if you're on methadone maintenance.  Google the following, and you'll see what I'm talking about: Americans with Disabilities Act and methadone.
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I agree with WalkTall. I had my Methadone prescribed and they knew it..However, there are some Jobs out there that will be very discriminated against it and use different excuses why they did not hire you. I know this happen to me. I was one of the first hired at a new place that opened in the nursing field. I went through the whole nine yards and passed. Was getting ready to work and I told the nurse I was tapering off my Methadone. The next thing I knew the boss had all kind of excuses that were not true and let me go. I know it was all about the pills. I was almost going to sue but I just moved on down the line. Why would I want to work in a place like that anyway.
We do home detoxes all the time on here. The best bet is to talk to the Dr and get a SLOW Taper plan. I wish you the best!
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Hi there & Welcome! :)

Please..don't do a "rapid detox" off M'done! It's an assault on the body & is particularly grievous in the case of this drug. (You'll be wicked sick afterwards & won't be able to work consistently if @ all). The only sane way to detox off M'done is a slow taper as stated above.

I agree with WalkTall & VIC that you're (theoretically) protected under the law if you're legally prescribed M'done. Unfortunately, though, if they do happen to test for it & find it, you'll probably be given another reason why they went with another candidate. As to whether or not they'll test for it, it's a crap-shoot. If it's a federal job, they will for sure. It will not show up as an opiate in a regular panel, though. They have to test for the actual metabolites of Methadone in your urine. It depends on how comprehensive the test is.

While I understand the opportunity that you're presented with, here & totally feel for you, the most important thing right now if you want to get off Methadone is to put together a sound & comprehensive plan. We can certainly help you with that! (But the Thomas recipe alone is not enough to bridge the gap).

I'd shoot for the job & take the test! If you pass, then you can slowly taper (which, again, we can certainly help you with). If not -- well then -- @ least you tried & you can still taper & shoot for next time with even greater determination!

We're with you! ;)
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Most jobs don't actually test for the methadone. At least in all my experiences even with big companies. And if they do if your at a clinic it is still perscribed, but I highly doubt they will include methadone metabolite test for a job screen.

Just my opinion and what I've seen with myself and many others at the 2 clinics I've been in.
With due respects, it is incorrect to msakre a statement that rapid detox is extraordinarily dangerous. In a hospital, the mortality is insignificant. Many hospitals keep ther patient unconscious during the process.
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