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Helping family understand

I have looked around the internet, and I was wondering has anyone come across some good material that explains Methadone withdrawls. I am looking for some material to hand out to my family so they will be more sympathetic to my condition.  Also I have always beeni prescribed Methadone I have never purchased drugs off of the street. My family knows that I am on the Medication and some what about my previous attempts. I had a good 6months off last year and made great grades at school studying for my engineering degree which I am half way there but Methadone makes it impossible to learn Calculus II, etc
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I agree with flmagi.  This forum has provided me with a great deal of knowledge to help/support my 21 yr old thru oxy withdrawal.   I am an avid reader and read everything I could regarding oxy addiction  on the internet(that is how I found this site) and books detailing the withdrawal process and what to expect.  Additionally, I have a few friends in the medical field that were able to direct me to the docs specializing in drug addiction. I attend al-anon as well, real life experiences, for me, are   a much better insight to addiction that reading a book,  altho all are helpful.

Sadinmichigan, a memeber of this site,  has written some great posts on the effects of methadone withdrawal, if you could have your family read what she has written, or print it out for them, it will give them  insight on what you are doing, and how this will effect your body and mind.  Obviously everyone's experience is unique, however, I don't think there are huge descrepancies in the w/d process by drug type.

I think it is commendable you are seeking the information to provide your family with and  the knowledge they need to support you, and I also think it is an example of your dedication to getting off the drugs.

Please have your family contact me, if they have any questions, I would be more than happy to chat with them.   I wish you success in your journey, and hope you have the support of your family.  My thoughts are with you.  Jeanette
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I would suggest getting one or all of them to come on the forum and read and talk to all the people here. We have alot of people on the forum that have loved ones who are addicts. The families get alot of support and knowledge here too. Whats better than learning right from people who know first hand.
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hey there.  get the book the alcoholism and addiction cure by chris prentiss.  it helps family to understand every aspect of addiction.  also, you yourself should write some journal entries when you are in withdrawal and your own personal feelings during these horrible excruciating times and keep them to read back on in case you get a craving.  let your family read these personal accounts, it will open their eyes.  you will start to block the pain of withdrawal as time goes on, and it is nice to have your own words to help your recount the horror of WD's and your personal drug journey.  hope this helps.  good luck to you.
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