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Helping withdrawals?

Will taking ultram in small doses help with withdrawals from oxycodone? I have been battling an addiction for some time. haven't posted here in awhile for certain reasons. A friend of mine who used to be prescribed oxycodone like me, got off them by replacing them with ultram, and then gradually reducing it. Will it ease wds? is it safe? has anyone tried this? i appreciate any information that will help me.
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I wouldn't do that. Ultram is a synthetic opiate. You may feel ok while taking it, but the body views it as another opiate. It is also harder to get off of than most opiates and with more complications. Have you thought of tapering off of the oxy's? How much are you taking and for how long?
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I went CT...my friend used trams to withdraw and had a little easier time than I...I am finished pretty much with the physical part...now whe is withdrawing of the trams...has rls.and is in a small state of withdrawal still   By saying is it safe...do you mean will it kill you    no...  will you get addicted to tram...possible....fine wire there...tram withdrawal is not fun and do not use CT...must taper...I guess if you really kept the usage down to a minimum like tram 50 mg a day could help...prolongs the whole thing tho...and addicts are not good at controlling dosages
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I have no personal experience w/it,
but from what i have read on here is NO, DO NOT USE IT!!!

Like GoingToMake It said..it is harder to wd off of than others
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I have tapered. just havent had long term success...yet anyways. I posted back in October/November for a little while, until certain replies(not just to my own posts) made me seek guidance elsewhere. I have been on roxicodone for quite awhile, prescrbed by my dr.-after a few serious car accidents and the pain that followed years after. Didn't really know what i was getting into at the time, all i knew was that it really helped. but if course, my tolerance has greatly increased, and honestly, i do take more than i am prescribed, physically, i can handle the withdrawals, it's the mental addiction i am trying to escape. i thought if i replaced the roxi's with ultram, it might make it eaier to see life from another perspective..My friend said she used it, and it kept her wd symptoms extremely low as if she wasn't having any at all, but it didn't give her the euphoric feel that we opiate addicts come to know and love. that sounded great to me. if i could get over the mental part of it, i do feel like a taper from that would be much easier?? It's just a tough game, and i am desperate to live happily with pain-
i just work a lot, as well as go to school, and can never seem to take as many consecutive days off to just quit cold turkey.
i'm currently prescribed 8 30mg roxi's/day....so 240mg...but my days go from 6am-till 11..12..sometimes 1am, between doubles at work and my classes. so, i find myself actually taking 10-12 a day...so that's up to 360mg. i have successfully gotten down to just a few a day, but it obviously didn't last.
i am such a strong person, but for some reason, this is the hardest battle i face...and i hate myself for being in a prison that i basically created for myself.
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i thought if i just used it for a few days it might ease it? probably not..i don't think there really is anything easy with this addiction.

thank you guys for your responses.
i appreciate it.
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Any decision is so tough. I told you what I thought but it is my opinion. Have you looked into Suboxone? That is another method. It too is addictive but it is prescribed by Drs who are licensed to deal with these things. If you choose that route, w/ds are almost none and a person can still function. They get you through the w/ds and then will taper you off.Soboxone.com or NAABT.org will help you with info and to find a Dr.
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yeah, i was just looking for a more self-directed route. i have a bunch of ultrams from my dr.(were given to me as samples), but they have just sat in my cabinet....
i'm sure suboxone is probably the best choice for replacement..i just thought i saw a small light when my friend made it sound easy-ish...and i thought..i have ultram,...and i could do that!!  lol, always easier said than done anyways.

thanks for the websites.
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