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Hepatitis C infected water?

2 of my friends were using together, one has hepatitis c, and she was using a powerade bottle to get her water from.  She rinsed her syringe with that water, fully submerging the needle in the bottle of water.  (She is the one with the infection.)

Herein lies the issue, the powerade bottle remained in the room and my other friend thought it was just a bottle of water and took a drink.  

Does anyone know if that could infect someone with the virus?  From what I understand, it is blood to blood contact but I imagine even if it was a minimal amount of blood (even invisible), and it was ingested, it could possibly infect the other person.  I can't find anything specific on the internet.  I'm sure if the water was injected, it would be almost certain but consumed orally?  I just don't know and my friend is freaking out.  Thanks.
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I doubt it. There is a hepatitis c forum post it on that forum.
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The answer is possibly, but the odds are infinitesimal.
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My concern is with the addiction issues in your home and hanging out with friends who are still using.  Didnt your bf bang some dope the other night?
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There is a theoretical possibility if there were, say, cuts or lesions in the mouth or esophagus of the person who drank the water. When it gets to the stomach, the hydrochloric acid would destroy it.

Does your nd have any interest in getting off this hellish merry-go-round?

We're here for you guys..
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Thanks-Sorry, I'm new to this and still trying to navigate the site.
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Thank you.
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