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Here is the breakdown of a lot of diff. opiates

Vicodin/Lortab/Hydrocodone-2.5 mg, 5mg 7.5 mg,(ES) 10 mg, they come with 500-750 mg of Acetem.
Norco(=vicoden/hydrocodone too) 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, they usually come with 250 mg acetem.(Tylenol)
Percocet/Percodan (Oxycodone) 5mg, 10mg anywhere from 250-750 mg (tylenol)
Oxycontin usually comes in 10, 20,60,80 mg and typically doesn't have any tylenol.
Morphine comes is pill form as well as intravenous for severe pain.
Dilauded (synthetic morphine) comes in a pill form as well as intravenous for severe pain.
Fentnyl usually comes in a patch form and it gets to your blood stream through your skin.

These are the opiates I am most familiar with in order from weakest to strongest, the top three are prescribed the most by dr's and are not monitered as closely as the rest.  If anyone would like to add to this list that would be great so we all know what we're working with and they're strength level.

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isn't just mind boggling how freaking well informed we are. yeah, i could make a few corrections too, but the basics are there. we are so intelligent. there's just got to be a way to get paid for all this life experience. i need a job. times are getting tough here. i hope i can keep my internet, but something's going to have to go if there's not a change economically. i think this is the first time i ever let this bother me. my faith always carried me through. but my husband is straight up trippin' yo! that said, hi guys! hope no major catastrophies are in your face today, but let me know, since i'm so freaking intelligent! lol. seriously, will share what i can if you need or want. peace.   sway
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I always thought roxys referred to roxicet, which is a generic form of percocet (oxycodone). There's also endocet, which is another generic.
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Roxy's are another formulary of oxycodone - usually 30mg.
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Another think Ive been hearing about is roxys what are they?
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Just a quick correction...Percocet is oxycodone with Acetaminophen, and Percodan is Oxycodone with Aspirin, not Tylenol.  There are other, less common combinations, like Vicoprofen, which would be Hydrocodone with Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol (Acetaminophen).

Vicodin, Norco, Lortab are all Hydrocodone.

Dilaudid comes both in oral and injectable forms, with doses starting at usually 1 mg.

Fentanyl patches typically start at 25 mcg/hr (micrograms).  I have seen lower doses, 12.5 mcg/hr, but typical starting dose, for medical reasons is 25 mc/hr.  Most patients on higher doses of Fentanyl (also called a Duragesic patch) would be about 100 mcg/hr....docs will prescribe higher doses, but typically the max dose you see in the medical field is 100 mcg/hr for chronic pain.
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