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Heroin - how long does it stay in your system?

My daughter is a heroin addict. she has been one for 2 years now. she used 1/2 gram to a gram a day.
She used sunday morning 6 am before she came to stay with me and supposedly hasnt used since. Can i count sunday as a day clean? If so its been 4 days. she is on suboxone to quit heroin and i know you need a special test for that. I want her to take a test but im not sure how long it actually stays in the system?. Online says anywhere between 3 -7 days depending on how long shes been using.

I was going to drug test her tonight but i dont want to do it too soon. I am aware of all the tricks they use so i will spring it on her. Should i drug test her tonight or wait until 7 days have passed?
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I am confused here.....you are wanting to do the test so you know or what?
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Hello size Welcome to the forum.. It is against the guidelines to give out info on how long drugs stay in your system. but I can say You would be able to tell if she was using.. On the sub she should Not be nodding out our itching.. she should be reliable and not secretive.. I say go with your gut on when to test her..... Monday will be her first clean day. I wish you both the best.. lesa
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