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Heroin addict who needs lots of advice...

Hello, I am 24 years old and a mother to a woneedful 1 and a half year old baby girl. She is precious, funny, smart, sassy, adorable and the reason for my existence. I feel like a hypocrite saying that because I have been a heroin addict since about 1 month after she was born. I have tried quitting cold turkey and that didn't work. I have tried using suboxone but that didn't work either... I keep going out and getting dope. I have never been to a rehabilitation center of any kind but I'd like to... I'd do anything to get clean and live a better life with my baby... but I'm afraid that I'll get her taken away by the Department of Child Safety... is this something I should be worried about?

Also, I have weined down to a half gram of dope per day... what home remedies will help me with the terrible withdeawals? It seems that the longest I can go without dope is like 14 hours. I have been looking for the Thomas Recepie for about an hour but I can't find the full recepie... could someone please let me know what the full recepie includes?
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here is a Thomas Rec link

idk all that much about heroin just smoked it for a couple months but hang around and someone will come on who knows more.  hope you're doing ok and have a good night.

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Hey Sara, I work for child protective services. Congratulations on taking the steps to get clean. As long as you have a safe place for your baby girl to stay while you're in treatment, the state will never know. It's far more likely that running circles in the endless cycle you're in now will get you on their radar. All it takes is one neighbor,  jealous ex, or upset family member to call you in. The next thing you know they're at your doorstep with a drug test in hand. You're absolutely doing the right thing for your daughter. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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Trixie is right! I went to a detox for 5 days and I have two kids. I luckily have great family support. My kids just thought I was in the hospital. They were young. I wasn't on heroin but the pills. I broke my back and got out of control with them. It's great you want to get into a detox. Thomas recipe works for some but there's no magic cure. Good luck!
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I went CT from H at home. It's really hard but it can be done.
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