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I think I'm really in love with this guy, but he used to be on heroine. He says he's stopped now but sometimes I find it hard to believe, and since I almost never see him and only talk through msn and such, I don't really know if he's lying or not.  He says he's quitting for me and that I'm what keeps him going, but I don't know if it's true. I just need someone to tell me what to do, because all my friends think I'm wrong, and I might be, but I really can't leave him, I know he needs someone.
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First off, no one can quit for someone else. He has to quit for him. Secondly, if you think he is doing it--he probably is. That is pretty much the rule.

You have some decisions to make. You maybe have a life of love, or heart break.
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Wow that is a hard one .heroin is one of the hardest drugs to kick.
I will tell you one thing he has to quit for himself because he realizes his life has become unmanageable .If he has quit for any other reason it will be hard to stick to . What type of help has he gotten . Has he gone threw detox ,is he in any program now ?
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just his family i think, i know he hasnt gone into any programs. is it possible to quit it?
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I find it very very hard to belive he has gotten clean without any program . Yes it is possable to get clean from herion . However the people i know that have done it went threw rehab ,they still struggle with it .
PLZ encouage him to get help.
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You might also want to see him in PERSON to see with your own eyes into his and see what your heart tells you to be true.. also, I agree with heroin if he hasnt gotten any real help like rehab, detox, methadone treatment or something to show he is serious, then you are probably right about your curiosity about him still using!

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i know, and im seeing him soon. i just dont know what to do about it like do i stay by him and get hurt, or do i walk away and let it all just be?
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I quit for my wife a dozen times,,quitting was easy but it went like this,,step 1-hes quitting for me,step 2- I think hes using,step 3 - hes using,step 4,,,see step 1. I stayed stopped when I quit for me. To stay quit you have to change things about yourself not your spouse,parents,etc.I"m not saying to dump the guy ( I"m still married for a long time) but this cycle can last a long time. I used heroin yrs ago for a long time but my wife didnt have the benifit of a forum like this and everybody I knew used so it didnt seem "that wrong",,consider the advice you get here and you may want to try al anon or nar conon,,programs for loved ones of addicts,,gl
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You need him tpo be honest eith you hun & just tell him y=that, If he puts a wall up twehn cance's are he is using.
But you have a right to no, I have been an addict for 13 blooby year's & it has taken for me to relise it's getting clean that's easy, Staying of it is where the hard work start's, I have with the help of people in here & my freind's  going to start going to N/A.
It's not far on you not to no the truth, It's only then you can make a  diesision on the way thing's are going to be with you both
Peace hope nat xxx                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     m                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
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As far as asking me what you should do about the decision to saty or leave... THAT IS ALL ON YOU!!  You have to get as much info about the facts as possible and then try to make an informed decision based on that!!  I really wish I could help mroe, but it isn't anyones decision but yours!!  
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