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Hey all! Still clean and lovin life!

Howdy everyone!

Well it has been around 7 months now, and I am doing grrrrreat!!
Still not smoking!!!
That was the one I was worried about the most LOL.

Hope everyone is doing OK. Thought I would drop in and encourage everyone. It can be done! Im livin proof!

For those that werent around back then here is a little history. I was on ms contin 30mg, 4 to 5 per day, plus 5 - 6 norco's a day for breakthrough pain.

Went cold turkey!!! The first week was pretty bad, cant really candy coat that, but by the end of the month everything was fairly normal. About the only thing goin on in the second month was the feelings. Everything was super sensitive, touch, smell, feelings. By the end of the second month life was good.

The pain is back, but I am clean and clear headed!

I created websites to keep me from going insane LOL.
Drop in and give me a shout!! Let me know how you all are doin!


Peace out!!


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Sound like your doing great! I want to be where you are right now, I'm working on it. I wish you the best Ggin35
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You gotta really want it. That is the secret.
I really wanted to thik straight again, and be able to remember what my grandkids said to me.

I know you can do it!

The cravings are totally gone too. I dont think I have thought about pills in at least 3 months now. Now the smokes are different LOL!

I think and dream about to this day hahahaha!!

You can do it! I believe in ya!
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Congrats on your new life.  We have had a few posts similar to yours over the last couople of days and it is so nice to see that there really is life after drugs.  Keep on doin' what you are doin' cuz its obviously workin'!

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