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I posted this a bit down, but I wanted to ask a question and make sure ppl were able to see it. I hope I don't get the boot from medhelp for asking, but I GOTTA know....
YOU all saw that intervention last night where he said he couldn't even get ONE pill for the $20 his mom offered him?
ONE pill cost more than TWENTY BUCKS???!!! DID that seem strange to all of you, or is that right? I mean, my friend is BAD hooked on oxycontins..and she only pays AT THE MOST $8 a pill for the 80mgs. I mean...I just couldn't imagine paying THAT much for the pills...but $20!?!!? THAT's even worse than the $8 my friend will pay when she is desperate. Usually, they are about $5 a pill.
My DOC was vikes...and that's the strongest I ever took. And those were SO cheap for me to get, that kinda made it easier to not quit, ya know---they were so accessible and cheap.
I really believe that if I had to pay that much money, like that ryan kid did, I woulda quit waaaaaay sooner, or probably wouldn't have ever got addicted in the first place! ya know?
TWENTY bucks for ONE pill!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I just can't get over that! I guess it depends on the State you live in, huh.
Working as a bartender, I see MANY drugs go through the bar, including pills....and I remember once a guy had 7.5mg vikes..and he wanted $3 a pill..he was laughed out of the bar.
Do you all think that the accessibility/inexpensiveness is a contributing factor to addiction? Well, no, I guess not cuz that Ryan kid was paying an awful lot.
Again, I apologize for posting this...it just really blew my mind when I saw how much he paid!

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Here you can pay up to $1.00 per mmg..................or .50 cents........a mmg......crazy eh......

So you just imagine oxys for an 80 the price it can be..usualy around 50 bucks depending on who you know, or what you know...either way, when someone is hard up, they will pay out theri ass.....

a bitter realtiy of street selling...

And the morre north you GO,

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Was just reading over this and decided I had to post mainly b/c I can't believe your friend was able to get thrm for that price.  Here (south) Oxy 80mg are $60  a piece and Lortab/Hydrocodone 10mg are $7 a piece . Very expensive habbit, I say!!
Anyway, just felt the need to answer.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Best Wishes,
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Your friend is either lying to you or you are totally mistaken.  NOBODY pays only $8 for an 80 mg oxy.  OMG, that made me laugh!!!
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Oh, and I meant to add that it costs WAAAAYYYY more than that.  I don't care who you know.  Unless maybe you are prostituting or something and that gets added into the cost, LOL!
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WONDER I got so addicted..lol...I got them for $2-3 a pill, and that was for norco! I thought $3 was alot! lol
And, yah, my friend really does get them for usually $5 a piece(oxycontins). Thats actually the going rate, $5. When she is desperate, she pays $8..but that is unheard ot usually.
I just can't imagine paying $1 a mg?!?! wow!!!!!!!!!

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she really does! I know she does. I know the guy she gets them from, and thats what she pays! I wouldn't lie about that! I also wouldn't lie about what I paid, either. Why would I lie?


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I'm not accusing you of lying but (and I may be wrong) I won't belive that 'til I see it if you know what I mean.
But it's cool.
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Hello Peeps!Hope all is well today.I live in Idaho.Here you pay a buck a milligram for oxy usually.My daughter was getting 20 mg tabs from a guy for 12 bucks if she bought in quanity over 150.00.norco 10/325 are 3.00 a tab.Today my daughter is in inpatient as of last night.she starts suboxone today.Will everyone pray for her?Thanx God Bless
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your daughter is in my thoughts, and my prayers...

Just stay with her..ya know, after all....she needs that.........
Its so great to see a parent stand by their daughter and offer another path of life.....some parents would just walk away..and with all the love in you, you stayed...You ahve no idea how much that warms my heart..

Your entire family is in my prayers......

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Thank You oxy. and everyone else.
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Of course I'll pray for ALL of you. SHe has a tough road ahead, but I know she can do it with all the support I'm sure you give her.

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You bet I will pray for your daughter. I'm glad she's in rehab. She's still young enough to kick the addiction and live a long productive life. This is the kind of news I love to hear!!

Take Care...LS
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