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Hi I've been on perks for 4 months trying to stop cold turkey any advice

Need help getting of perks  been Connor 4 months, 3 a day
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Hello & welcome back. I see that you detoxed off of Suboxone last year. Did you go to any recovery groups? Any counseling?

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Yes I did  was very helpful
awesome glad to hear that why were you on suboxone? to get off another opiate?
or for pain management?
Had a back injury and got back on perks, but like I said its only been 4 months,so surprised to be withdrawal so quick
Yes I was on suboxin  to get off opiods for gun shot wound
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Hey Friend,
Sorry you have been here so long waiting on an answer.
Thank God you have not been on them that long.
I am so happy that you are stopping this now, and not years down the road after brain damage.
Are you tapering, or do you want to just jump off?
It all depends on your own individual personality. Some people can taper and then jump, and some can't taper without going off schedule.
Tapering prevents the hard physical symptoms of the vomiting, diarrhea, etc. but prolongs the other stuff like the anxiety, depression, lack of energy, etc because tapering is not easy.
Most people just jump off, bear the pain and get through it.
Whichever you choose, you can do this, and I am sooooo glad you are doing it now.

Get back to us,
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I want  to jump off with the help of Xanex
Hi Starlicia...xanax is a terrible idea; it is VERY addicting, even for a short time.  Clonidine is a much better choice.  It will help control the hot/cold sweats, anxiety and also help you sleep.  Ask your dr for it.  You shouldn't need it for very long.  

You've only been on the perks for 4 mo's which is a relatively short amount of time, and in your favor.  Weaning would be advised for the easiest possible outcome, while using the above med I mentioned.  But if you want to jump then that's your call...I think you'll do just fine.  But just to repeat; xanax, Bad Idea!  

Good luck my friend.  We're here for you.  Keep us posted!
it all depends on the type of personality you are. I came off of close to 300 mg of oxy daily and used xanax to help me, but i am talking one half of .25 mg. I did not want to trade one dependence for another, so I was very careful. It helped a lot to take the gnarly edge off. Nothing is as good as time to heal you, so you have to hang in there.
If you think you can handle a very minimal dose for a short time you may want to consider it. If you feel you would not be able to handle that, then no. As always you should discuss this with a doctor who understands.

I take Xanex 0.25 for anxiety anyway, just was wondering would it help
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