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Hi everyone can you help me get through this ?

Day 1 of CT from OC about 80mg's a day for several months///down to 40 mg on last 2 days.  I know HELL ON EARTH is coming.

Can I post here to get support?  How do I do this with support from this awesome community?

Hell is coming....argggh

I want to be clean so bad and be a better father to my young kids and a beter husband.  Family has no idea.  Told them the flu is coming! But I will need someone to talk to!

This is gonna suck isnt it? ARRGH!

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You will have much support here:) we all go through the sae thing just at differant times. Are you planning to c/t soon or are you going to continue to taper? how long have you been taking them? and are you takin them for pain, and if so how are you planning to controll your pain after you quit? Please keep posting so that we can know how you are doing
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Yeah...its gonna suck...it's totally gonna blow...but it WILL PASS and you will feel better. Congrats on making the decision to live the clean life.

feel free to post here...its' helped me...it helps others...it will most def. help you!

good idea to say you coming down with flu...that's exactly what it's like.

also,...you may want to look over to the right side of this page...down a big for The Thomas Recipe...it's been doing wonders for me the past 7 days. don't forget to get some immodium and drink plenty of liquids!

Glad you're here!
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Ahh so nice to have such a quick responses! You guys are gonna be great.  I sadly dont have any valium for the thomas recipe and that seems to be a key ingredient. *****.  Have tramadol, some weed, immodium, piroxicam, and my blood pressure meds :)  Also lots of beer lol

I took last half yesterday so today is day 1.  I know hell is coming.  I have no pain at all as I was using LIKE A F'N IDIOT recreationally.  IDIOT!

I will post as much as I can to take you all on this journey :)
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Immodium, hot showers, weed, will it get me through or am I gonna want to kill myself anyway?

This ***** but you guys rule
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I know your at the right place.I swear this site helped get through it. I'm on day 7 from a 2 year binge on Oxy and Vic. You'll find a ton of info and encouragment.Just keep posting thru it.God Bless you and Congrats on making the right decession .
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It will be exactly 24 hours at 5PM EST.  Hour by hour right? So I imagine tomorrow and beyond will be crippling!
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hmmm..the valium is actually not a recommened ingredent by most on here..it can be a prob on its on..there is something you can get OTC that is compairable to valuim..i say be carefull with the trams, thats another prob, are they given to you by doc? if so takin them a few days might not hurt, however when detoxing cross addiction can happen easy..the blood presurre meds, is that because you have underlying health issues?  
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BP meds are because I have high blood pressure. No other health issues.

I got the trams as I heard they were awesome to get through W/D'als.  I just wanna get thru the hell.
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WHat is OTC comparable to vals?
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dont expect it to be so bad, thats only going to make it worse..just look at it as if you have the flu..if you had the flu all you could do would be lay around and get well, thats all you can do here..just lay around and take care off yourself
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Lee you are my new best friend!  Sorry man, I need ya! :)
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L-tryptophan..its available at G.N.C. i believe if not there at health food places..and thats what we are all here for is to help each other through this
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I agree with Lee...don't be so negative...keep positive thoughts...use the Jedi mind trick on yourself LOL. "I will wake feeling great tomorrow"...etc. it sounds silly as hell...but it helped me.

do it as naturally as you can. we are all addicts here...none of us like pain or discomfort...that's why we're here!

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You can do it...and then help me!!!!  Please pay attention to your journey and not your physical symptoms, thats whats important.  You are amazing and brave!
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I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD HELP ME I CAN DO THIS! You all are the best.  WIll post my journey here.  24 hours in! Starting the 25th hour now!
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What is ct please?
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I could have not done with without this site.  Miracles do happen..
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CT is Cold Turkey

Another breakthrough...I just TOLD MY WIFE.  She would VERY VERY rarely take a vicodin for a headache but VERY rarely. She had NO IDEA I was abusing the **** out of them and then moved to OC.  So I told her these next few days will be hell but I am determined as I know how bad of a husband and a father I have been.  This will change. I just need time to work this POISON out!  WIsh me luck.  Symptoms starting to kick in now as 25th hour comes to a close. I imagne tomorrow will begin hell but I am trying to stay positive. My wife was wonderfully supportive, understands and just wants her old hubby back (like I was before this poison was in me)

More to come. Thank you all.  I am entering the tunnel and not turning back.
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Wow, I am inspired by your determination.  May I ask, what brought about this decision to quit?
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Sure you can. I know hell awaits and things slowly gettin worse but I wanna do it.  I was wasting every cent on getting a few pills.  While other expenses were being covered, I was robbing my family of extra income. THen we thought about Xmas and it hit me I was robbing my family of me as a person and a happy financial life. Now I am determined to just say good f'n roddance and try and move on. Scary as he** but I gotta believe the other end of the tunnel is better than this.
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Symptoms starting to rare up now in hour 26.  I can only imagine tomorrow but I MUST DO IT.  FOR MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I will be posting here a lot as this is already helping and I know my darkest hours are ahead.  Its hard NOT to think about how I am going to feel, just cant stop thinking about whats coming based on what I have read.  Arrrgh.

SO sorry if I get on anyones nerves with all my posting but I can tell this place is going to help me.  Heck I already refresh the page every 5 minutes as it is :)

Peace and love, waiting for hour 27

Cant wait to talk in days not hours. Gotta stay strong/

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Watching Blues Clues in my office/master bedroom with my 4 year old......she keeps me going that darling angel. I look at the innoncence in her eyes and wish that was me again. And then I think about what is ahead. Tunnel show me the end and the light!

Again I am sorry but this board is going to help me so much I can TELL as this gets worse by the hour.

Sorry!!!!! But THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant WAIT TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE HELPING ME!
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congrats to you on 27hours! and for telling your wife...i know how hard that is...i went through the first 6 days alone...as I only told my man last night about my addiction.

you will get thru this...you'll get cold...so through a blanket on...then you'll get warm...take the blanket off, etc.

make sure you are drinking alot of liquids...you want to be healthy...it'll be better on your body that way.

I'm having me some hot mint tea right now...it feels good on my tummy :)

enjoy Blues Clues and that darling little angel of yours! Her hugs will heal you :)
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what BP meds do you take?

BTW-  27 hours is HUGE!!!  Congrats!!
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