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Hi.....2 1/2 months clean....yaaahhh

Just peeking in......I am sooooo grateful to have made it this far this time around.  75 days.,,,wow.  I have implemented things in my life, as a part of my life to stay clean. For everyone here who is serious about arresting this disease out of your life....it can be done, it will not be easy.  But you must fight for your life back.  Satan, the enemy knows you are vulnerable right now, he is playing with your head ,to me.... satan plays a huge part in withdrawal, he designed it to discourage your recovery. You know living in pill addiction is not right, It just didn't sit right with my soul, & my spirit.  You know you are tired of living like that. You know it is a horrible existence.  Just know there is only 1 way out....you can not go under it, you can not go around it...you must go thru it. Once you digest, and accept that fact......if you really want out....YOU WILL FIGHT.    No matter what it feels like now,  no matter what you look like now...no matter how mentally broken you feel....You have to know, it has got to be better than living on them pills.....right?    For me...personally..I felt if I could just get out and off of the pill ride.....and I actually got clean.....I KNEW...however I came out....would be in WAY BETTER condition, than the condition I was in on them *** pills !    Praise the Lord.   I am sooooooo grateful for my sanity back.   Thankyou for loving me GOD.   You have to be sincere, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you fight,  give the battle to him,  you have to fight with him...& you will win!  NOTHING is to hard for GOD.  Good luck, and god bless you all.  I wish you strength.  take care.
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What an awesome update!!  Congrats on your clean time!!  You worked so hard at getting to this point.  I am so happy for you!!
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hey wbfa congratulations !!!!  two and a half months woooo hoooo!  well done!
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Sorry doesn't feel wonderful being clean tomorrow will be 50 days clean for me
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Congrats doesn't feel wond
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Corey, i am confused by your posts??
Yes,  it is confusing.....Im assuming it is mistake in the communication and typing.  idk, but hopefully corey will clear that up, and repost, so we may understand what corey is saying.
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What a wonderful post you made here and Congrats on your time.

Surrendering this disease to our God is the only way to go. I had surrendered back, once again,  but I have really Surrendered it even more so, and now I am on a New Mission in Life. It has been almost 4yrs now.
God be with YOU!

So Happy for YOU! Ya!!!
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Very uplifting post wannabefreeagain!! I'm so happy for you! I remember your posts from a couple months ago, thinking your brain would never be right again, and feeling the same way...isn't it amazing what a little bit of "time" can do? Congrats congrats on your 2 1/2 months! I hope you are having a great start to a wonderful new life of freedom!
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