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High White Blood Cell Count

About 8 months ago my doctor told me i had a high white blood cell count in my liver i would imagine thats from 6 plus years of using. I never went back to see her. Now that ive been clean for awhile im usign my brain again and im thinking i should have went back. But bad news. Shes retired and i have no med insurance. So i was wondering if anyone knew what this means? Am i in danger? Why is this? Is it because of abusing? I'll take any info anyone may know about this. i aprreciate it guys. I know i havent been on in awhile but i stilll could use yall help. I hope everyone is doing great and staying clean. Anyone who knows me stop by and drop a hello in this forum. Later. Thanks.

RayRay Thanks guys
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Your white blood cells are usually high due to an infection of some type..WBCs fight infection and when you have one, they increase in order to fight it off...it usually has nothing to with liver function
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I'd get a hep workup.  Make them test for hepatitus specifically. Then you'll know.  I have it and as long as I take care of myself and don't drink, it's not an issue.
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Well what are the symptons of hep? i didnt have anything else wrong with me at the moment and no inifections that i knew of.
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You can have it for years and not know or have symtoms. I think I did and this past year got really run down and using again after a long time clean and got them to test me.  Previously the doc had done liver enzyme levels and not a true hepatitus test, and nothing ever showed up because I was healthy, I got a nurse to run the hepatitus test and I found out I had it.  If you continue to drink it will get bad, There is probably a forum on here for it.  I think I've had it for years due to IV drug use, however, it can be passed other ways, although less likely. Tiredness is what I mostly notice and nausea.
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welll i dont drink grace i never have wen i say abuse i mean masssiv amounts of oxycodone everyday
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If you told that doctor that you used...she would have ran a liver profile on you and if it had come back abnormal...you would know as she would have told you.....you can get your lab results if you know where they were run at...the info belongs to you..even a sinus infection can raise your WBC count....you would need more info to know for sure...you can go to the board of health and get labwork practically free if you are worrying about it...may ease your mind
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my doc didnt know about me using . board of health free blood work? where would i find a board of health building
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Then it's probably not hepatitus, but if she said the count was high due to your liver, you might check it out. Ease you mind like worried said.
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Find local health department
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Like worried says....your local health department can run tests for you-virtually free. You probably had some sort of infection that raised your WBC. Go get your blood work done to ease your mind but don't worry yourself to death over this.Do what you need to do and get the answers you need.
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