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"Hobbity leaves for rehab tomorrow"

Just want to send you a "VERY GOOD LUCK"...I know this is not going to be easy , but I know you will get what you need out of this....My daughter went , and she said that she learned so much, and is still clean!!!
Let's us know when you get back!!!
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My prayers and best wishes go with you....Peace....Kim
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You will be in my prayers and you will make it! Good Luck!
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Good luck and you will be in my prayers :)
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Good luck to you.  Let us know how you are when you can.      sara
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Good luck to you, God bless you
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Thank you everyone for the well wishes.  I am a ball of something today.  I am intellectually accepting the whole deal but emotionally not so well.  I have lashed out at family I have dragged butt around the house with no energy trying to get it as ready as possible.  I have gone from A-Z on every emotion in the book trying to deal with being locked up for this.  Voluntary but not.  Sort of like you have a choice but your choice is not getting your license back or going to rehab.  Not so good.  I think I will be better once I get there.  But these emotions are rollercoasting me something fierce today.

I think I just want to cry.
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Shoot-and then I dumped my 5hit on you.
My bad-best of luck on your journey
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Not to worry. You had no idea and no idea I was a loose cannon today either.  This is not normal for me to be so sensitive either.   Thanks so much for the kind word Jan43.
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