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Home remedies for subutex/bruprenorphine

Hi I'm detoxing from subutex and was wandering if there are any remedies to help with the pain and insomnia as I'm at day 5 and am really struggling
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Welcome....I'm going to ask if you can tell me how long you were on Subs and how many mg per day you were taking?  

As far as home remedies....high quality multvitamin, magnesium, potassium, iron, Vit C (available in crystals), Motrin 200mg (I took 3 at a time), Immodium for the stomach (also helps a bit with no sleeping), protein shakes or bars, gatorade.  DO NOT allow yourself to get dehydrated b/c that will make how ****** you feel now 10x's worse!!!!  I promise you that....drink, drink, drink!!!
RLS in the legs people told me to try Hylands RLS but I didn't find it worked real well....what did work was my husband buying me these really ugly tight diabetic socks (real long and REAL tight)...that DID help.  I tried bee pollen granule's as well...not sure what they did. Oh yeah, Gaba 750 available from GNC...helped with the "head" issues.  
Really, other than that...time and determination.  You need to become a bad *** girl right now!  Suck it up and keep pushing yourself.  I did the same thing your doing right now over 2 years ago....you CAN do this...but you have to fight for it.  I was on 24 mg per day for 7 years and I went cold turkey 1/1/2014....and I've never looked back. It was the best decision I've ever made.

BE BAD ***!!!!  Get your fight ready.....
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