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Hope this helps someone tonight

I posted this a few years back. Thought I would share again. Needed this tonight

Heavenly Father please hear me tonight
we need so much guidance to live our life RIGHT.

Sometimes the pressure is too hard to bear,
we often wonder if anyone cares.

How can we continue to wake up and face a new day, knowing we have to live our life in this crazy way.

Heavenly Father forgive us and our sins
we want to change, but we don't know where to begin.

Give us the strength to resist drugs and booze
knowing if we continue, surely in this world we will lose.

Please bless our families who cry every night
knowing we are trying to battle this fight.

Heavenly Father please answer our prayers
please let us know that you are listening up there.

When will it end? What is it all for?
Must we die, or go through a prison door?

Heavenly Father, please hear us tonight, give us the courage and strength to live our lives right.

Please show us the way Lord, show us the light.
Give our hearts peace, so we don’t have to fight.

Thank you for your forgiveness Lord and for still being there, most of all thank you for listening to the addiction’s prayer.


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Very powerful message my friend~
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Thank you for sharing! Amen!
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Thank you for that
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Beautiful, thank you for sharing!
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