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Hot Burning Sensation.

Hi all, hope you are all doing well, and by some of your posts lots of peepe are getting there, it's a long and worthwhile road, but boy it's worth it, so keep up the good fight and know that one day the sun will shine ever brighter.

Just one question, does anyone on the forum have a funny burning sensation that comes from within in the shoulders and somtimes the legs, I am not sure but due to lack of sleep my sister gave me some of her sleeping pils ( Zenadene I think ) ( I know I should'nt have, but I was desperate for a few hours sleep), and I was wondering if these might be the cause, as I cannot remember this feeling before. I stopped the sleepers last night and am going to try and sleep without, as I have learned these pills can cause their own side effects and will prolong the oxycontin W/D symtoms.

31 days now and counting.

All the beat David.
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I would get that in my shoulder when I would take alot of of the perc.. That was a way I alway knew I was pushing it.. Too many at one time.  So I would think you could get it from a sleeping pill.. But not real sure...
WAY TO GO ON THE 31 DAYS!!!! Keep on pushing..
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i had that feeling on and off at different levels of severity for years, before, during and after my addiction.  i was finally but unfortunately diagnosed with fibromyalgia...
as to whether this sleep aid you are taking could be the cause, i dont know, maybe google it for more information?
sorry i couldnt have been more helpful...
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i wish i had an answer but you know someone  will be along..Just wanted to say Congrats to you on 31 days!! i am on day 17 today...Happy Easter to you..
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Only burning I feel is when my neck flares up...u r doing great at 31 days!
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I've always assumed that it's a build up of lactic acid in the muscles (it feels very similar to the sensation I've gotten when I used to run; I'd get that when I "bottomed out"...if it's the same sensation...withdrawal causes peculiar things to happen in the body).

I've experimented a bit with oxygenation therapy in the past and it seemed to help. I've heard food-grade hydrogen peroxide therapy helps with that, but have never tried it.

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Hey, sorry I don't have an answer to your question but wanted to tell you congrats on 31 days. That is so great.
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Actually, I realized you may mean something else (starved receptors causing nerve misfiring). It does still suck though. :)
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Congrats on 31 days...i don't know the answer to your question!!
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