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How Many Made it on their own??? Quit Opiates?

Today is day 67.... MsContin / Morphine..... How I made it here ? A bad reaction to the medication that I would like to never repeat. It was very hard at first..
My question is,,, How many people have Done it on their own? , You know.. actually dropped opiates on their own?  Sound like a silly question... just want to see if there are many like i believe that can do this by themselves.
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hello.  Most of the people on this forum have quit opiates, lots of them on their own.  And lots of them cold turkey.  Some here believe that is the only way to do it.  I personally have quit 3 or 4 times.  2 years ago was the worst, and I stayed off them for quite awhile, but always went back.  And I did them for chronic pain, not to get "high" at first.  Problem is, a dependance on pills usually ends up as addiction because of this drug (morphine, all morphine based) it tells your brain that you will need more and more to keep "normal",  May not make sense, others have a better understanding than I do.  I've been clean from lortab & muscle relaxers for about 115 days, I had quit keeping track of it.  But yes, I quit cold turkey, had a horrible 2 weeks (only 1 really bad one) but had a really rough time and then decided that was the very last time I would put my body and brain through that sh--.  So, day 115, lookin good. :)  Motrin is my doc right now and vitamins too.  They do wonders for me.  Good question!
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I have done it all on my own.  I've only had this forum to get me through.  It's not a path I would recommend but it's the path I was/is on.  My only aftercare has been this forum.  I've had counseling too, but not for addiction but for other issues and it has inadvertently helped me with the addiction.  It is do-able.  Stay close to the forum it has been a lifesaver for me.  I'm over 120 days clean now.
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First of all congrats on 67 days!!!!!!!! Well I have done it with the help of god almighty i'm only in day 5 (a long way to go I know) but as of now I can say I'm proud of myself and everything seems better every hour I'm alive and what I went thru I'm glad  I am :) I was doing perc 30's and some 15's I wrote down "my story in a nut shell" if you want anymore info. again congrats and keep fighting :)
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If you mean detox, then many here have done it on their own. If you mean long term recovery, then it's almost impossible. Aftercare is a must for long term recovery.
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Sometime just look threw peoples profiles many of us have trackers look at the number of clean time then check out the posts you will notice many with alot of clean time have recovercarey programs  therapists aa/na church pastor some type of care. I did make it the first time 6months without recovery care then I relapsed. Now I have 2 and a half years clean and a good aftercare program
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I detoxed alone.. Didn't tell anyone until I had too.. including my wife.. That was weird..

Anyway, you can detox alone and make it. Its possible.

As far as staying clean, I could not do it.

I did nothing to stay clean for the first 3 weeks. I had made a stubborn commitment to not pick up, which included getting rid of my dealer. So I had no source.

Between week 3 and 4, I ended up in the crisis center at the hospital. When I left the hospital, I went to a meeting of NA that night and have been doing that ever since..

I go to as many meetings as are held and feel terrible if I miss one.

Getting clean is just a bunch of pain .. you can take that if your head is prepared.. Keeping your head prepared to stay clean is a full time job.

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Did it on my own...all by myself....over a yr ago....those wds....taught me a lesson...I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN...Well....I guess I really didnt do it alone....cause my friends at MEDHELP helped me thru.....
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Home alone, 20 days and no desire to touch another. This was not enough fun to want to do it again... ever.
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Congrats to you, if you can beat opiate addiction with only  the help of an on line forum.   You truly would be in the vast minority and please know   I am talking about long term  sobriety,  not just the w/d process...  I am sure most will tell you regardless of the physical pain of w/d, the hardest part of beating opiate addiction  is the mental process that lasts much longer than a week or two.    I hope you will seek the after care and help you will need to maintain your clarity and a life without drugs.    It is a long journey,  not one that ends after 5 days of detox.  Best of luck and good wishes your way...
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16 days so far...on my own with the help of my family and MH. Don't ever plan on going back. As for aftercare...I'm going to play devil's advocate here and suggest that some are able to do it without a structured type. I've got a plan, but it my not be considered typical aftercare by most. But I think we all got here in different ways too. I think I was physically dependent vs. real addiction. I've spoken with two doctors who agree with me. I KNOW that this will be something I need to be aware of for the rest of my life. I will never take opiates again unless I don't have a choice (surgery, accident, etc.), and would then only do it very mindfully. I've learned a lot on this ride. And never want to be back where I was a few weeks ago. I am just saying this because I don't think you can make blanket statements about everyone. We are all different and got here in different ways. I hope that doesn't offend anyone...especially some of the kind people who have supported me so whole heartedly.
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You certainly havent offended anyone with your comments,  and I hope to God in another 30 or 60 or 90 days your plan still works for you,  I have said many times that a cookie cuter approach does not work with addiction.  Unfortunatley the odds for success diminish greatly with no after care.........  but again that is based on long term opiate abuse.   I always wish for all to go into recovery with eyes wide open, and truly knowing or begin to understand what they are facing in the process after the physical w/d is complete and the mental aspects as well as day to day living drug free begin.
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I did C/T alone,used N/A-AA and mh.I did not go to rehab or detox .But from my past history I know that I do not have the answers and I need help.My recovery is the most important thing in my life today.I had 13 years clean and sober With a 3 year opiate addiction to follow. today i have 72 days with help from my higher power , AA, NA THis recovery stuff is much less of a fight for me if I share my experience strengh and hope with my brothers and sisters in recovery.This med help forum is also a great tool for recovery
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Great Comments, appreciated input... and good references of all advice shared with my question... Makes it easier to know there's someone out there thats doing this just like me or has... "Done it on their own"... congrats to all of you.
Every-way, and anyway that works for each individual of course is for that persons experience and other factors with underlying issues such as chronic pain. Because of my given factors of disc problems....I too was worried about the WHAT IF factor... that what if I got hurt and they can't give me any Pain Killers because of what I had OnBoard .. or will the give me too much not knowing what I was on?? This was just some of the main reasons against continuing the usage... (Besides the OD and Breakdown that took months from me from a PRESCRIBED drug...)
I'm not trying to sound ungrateful... or ONE UP anyone... it's quite the opposite... all of your responses have helped me understand my many levels of stripping away the layers of depression... insomnia .. etc. and know what it means to others like yourselves and others I have read..to understand the differences.. and how we can relate.

Thanks one again... A
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I quit opiates after abusing them for ten years (off/on). I had one year sober here and there in between but always went back. I just quit again 48 hrs ago and I feel like hell. I tapered down the last few days so my body wouldn't hurt as much. I've been smoking weed and hitting up the xanax to mask some of the pain. I had been using for five months straight up to 8 pills a day. I feel awful like I have the chills and was extremely weak the first day. It is very possible to be successful on your own for a while but we all need long term help. The worst is the first 72 hrs. The temptation will never go away. Good luck and God bless.
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I used opiates for three years starting at age 31. I went to a 5 day detox program, no methadone, no suboxone. I have been clean for 20 months. I know I am not going back to that Crap. It is worth trying to not use "crutch" drugs to get off opiates, but I know the way I kicked it isn't  one size fits all. Prayers to anyone trying to beat this monster.
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