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How come day 5 is still so bad?

I'm in the middle of day 5, and I really feel terrible today.  Restless leg syndrome is back, and feel cold, shaky, depressed, anxious.  And really alone.  Any suggestions.  I'm on the recipe.
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HI, First question if you dont mind me asking? What were you using? Second question, How long were you taking it? I myself had been using hydro, lortab,lorcet, anything with hydrocodone in it. Today is day 8 for me, I am finally starting to feel better, im still depressed, it will take time, I am doing this cold turkey, well with the help of some nerve meds at night, you will have to let us know what is was that you were on in order for us to get some kind of idea on how bad it was and how much you were taking a day. But hang in there, it will get better.
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Yes, what were you taking and how long?  Took me 30 days to feel normal.  Which is probably not the norm, but its different for everyone.  Lizzy is on day 19 and still suffering. Its hard, but we can't expect a miraculous recovery, it took time to become dependent, and it will take time for our bodies to adjust to not having the drug.
Hugs and good luck to you
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I was on 80 -120 mgs. oxycontin as well as 40 mg 100/325 hydrocodone, known as narco.  I've been on that high dosage for only about 3 months, but for a year was taking between 80-140 mgs. hydrocodone a day, and before that, six years of about 10-20 mgs. day of hydrocodone.
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And since day 2, last Thursday, I,ve been taking Ultram - about 400 mgs. a day.  Haven't had any of that since last night.
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Do you think I've just postponed my wd's from the opiates by taking the Ultram, and that this is really day 1 not day 5?  Or am I just being paranoid?  Or both!
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If you just stopped the ultram, that may be the cause. Ultram, the "non-narcotic" narcotic might have blunted some of your withdrawl symptoms the first 5 days (and that can help, although more common to use bup or darvon) and now you are left with no opiates in your system. If you got this far, you'll make it the rest of the way! Maybe you will need an extra few days, but you WILL feel better (at least from the acute withdrawl). Then, slowly, the remainder of your withdrawl syndrome will fade (the moods, energy, sleeplessness etc.).

Hang in there! If you're tempted to restart the ultram based on what I've said, DON'T. Long term ultram use can be as difficult if not worse to detox from than hydro based on the postings of those who have gone through it here.

Congratulations on making it this far!

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Thank you.  I was tempted to take the ultram, but haven't.  I can't function at all today, and this feels so bad.  Think I'll try a hot bath. And stay in bed, and not try to feel normal so fast.  I think I'm such a perfectionist, I expected that by today, I'd pretty much be back to my old zippy, upbeat, energetic, perfect self. Ha-ha.  I'm really, really depressed, and feel like I'm stuck in cement or quicksand.  And I feel anger.  And there's so much that's expected of me in my life, and no one knows that I kept up all that stuff artificially.  Now my husband knows, because I told him.  But I don't think he really gets it.  That all that work I was doing - building a vegetable garden, starting a business, recovering from knee surgery and helping out real soon after, moving, buying a home, building a studio, having a 2nd surgery, him starting a new job - all this in the past year.  I feel I'm close to going mad. And we have responsibilities every day, and I can't even get it together to brush my teeth or take a shower.
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I need someone to answer this.  Have any of you experienced suicidal thoughts during the wd's?  Because today, I am, and I'm all alone, for the next 5 hours.  I've taken 2 hot baths, all the ingredients of the recipe, and I still feel like this.  Help!!
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If it's any consolation, I was taking 800mgs oxycontin daily when I quit. I'd been on them steadily for 4 years. Sounds nuts, but it's the truth. Was also adcted to klonopin (10-15mgs a day). My acute pahse of detox lasted almost 4 weeks. Even after that, for another month, I looked like a terminal cancer patient.

So, it's a real good thing that you are choosing to do something before it gets worse.

I had to have faith things would get better when I was in the throes of dt. I also couldn't set a time frame for when they would. I just had faith I would eventually heal, and made a committment to ride it out no matter what. The pain is something I'll never forget. It helps me stay clean. Looking back, it was a horrific period, but in the scheme of my entire life, it's not that big a deal. I was almost dead before I quit. Those pills had taken everything from me, including my health. A few months of hell, no matter how terrible, is in retrospect a small price to pay for having another chance at life.
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day 90 ain't no picnic, either. Sorry.

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Hi Thomas. Saw you just posted.  Are you detoxing again and on day 90.  I am thinking about you and you know you will make it.  You have saved many lives on this forum  Take care.
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are you kidding? I detox for 3 weeks then I score at my doctors and start all over again. See, I just love opiates. I don't have any pain issues. Just a Naked Lunch-type fiend.

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misd:  i just saw your post of 11/7.  i'm so glad you have a supportive husband, i'm sure it makes things a little bit easier.  just hang in there, it definitely gets better, a little bit at a time.  

taeme:  hadnt heard from you but see youve been posting so i'm hoping everything is okay?  i must be losing it because i am so confused about which b-vitamin boosts energy.  is it B2, B4, OR B6?  whichever one it is do i also take a good multi-vitamin also?  sorry i cant seem to get it straight.

hope everyone is having a great day and night!
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I feel worse than ever today.  I really feel like I am dying a slow death--not by choice.  I am on Zoloft and Trazadone which I was on before all the hydro addiction and I did very well with them.  I had Post-Partum Depression right after my twins were born; the doc put me on Zolft and Trazadone and whola..everything was normal again and couldn't understand what the hell I was so down about??  Now, here I am again, and it's worse. My husband called the Detox center and they said they were too busy to talk to him!!  They did say that this is NOT withdrawals but something else must be going on???  I feel like I am alone and lost..
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Feelings of depression during withdrawl are very common. Do you have a history of depression in the past? If you do, withdrawl will worsen it. Do you really feel you are at risk of hurting yourself? If so, GET HELP NOW. If it's the kind of thought of "I'd rather be dead than going through this", thats something I think we have all faced. I know you've been feeling depressed since you started withdrawl, as I remember your questions about St. Johns Wort.
Just take it a moment at a time, and remember "this too shall pass". It may sound trite, but it's true. BUT, if the depression really is that overwhelming that your suicidal thoughts represent a risk to yourself, call your doctor, your family, a crisis hotline, anything to keep from acting on those feelings. Life is too precious, and you've already commited yourself to life by taking the very brave step of stopping the madness of abuse. Don't give up.

We're all here for you.
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Thank you so much for your advice.  I think I may call a crisis hotline, and after that, do some gentle Yoga.  Some deep breathing may be called for at this point!  And stretching these muscles will probably help, too.  As far as the Ultram, I talked to my doctor today, told him I've stopped all opiates since last Wed.  Asked his opinion re Ultram.  He thought that I should take it in small doses for my knee and tendinitis pain, especially so I wouldn't be tempted to go back on the heavy opiate use.  As far as depression, I've never really experienced it, except after having my son 33 years ago.  That is, until I started taking the large doses of oxy - that really was a depressant.  That's when I tried the St. John's Wort.  Didn't really help,though.  Well, thank you again, and I hope when I come through this someday, I can be of some help to a newcomer, too.
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Sorry to break the thread, but I have a question about Buprenorphine....

I talked to the pain clinic today, and mentioned BUPRENORPHINE (or Buprenex) to one of the docs... They MAY put me on this medication for pain, but I'll find out on Thursday. Anyway, I have been taking VERY LOW doses of this medication (.2 Milligram sublingual tab, 3 times per day) starting yesterday, and it REALLY WORKS! I do not feel "Out if it" in any way, and this is the best med I've taken yet for Neuropaty because instead of "Masking" the pain like Morphine or Oxy would, The pain REALLY seems to have [mostly] gone away. I'm interested if this is the results you (Mariposa) get with this medication, or is it something like Ultram in that people can build up a pretty hefty tolerance for it? I looked at prices in [Legal] US pharmacies, and it seemed VERY EXPENSIVE.... for instance, see below:
Walgreens Pharmacy:
Dosage Forms Qty   Price  

Drug Information For: BUPRENEX 0.3MG/ML, 1ML AMP
Generic Name: BUPRENORPHINE (byoo-pre-NOR-feen)

Drug Manufacturer: RECKITT & COLMAN

Does one amp = One dose?

Thanks to anyone who can help me out here!


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Hi there.  I read everyday , just don't post much.  Talk to your doc about the depression.  You can go on an anti-depressant for a while and won't get addicted.  If you are feeling this depressed, than please get help.  Paxil worked for me and others here have taken other perscription anti=depressants.  The recipe works better for some than others.  If you do go on an anti-depressant, than don't take the L-tyrosine and Htp, just the regular vitamins like B-6, magnesium , etc.  But, please talk to your doctor, and you don't have to tell him about the suicidal thoughts.  Just tell him you are depressed and it is from stopping the meds.  Call a sucidide hotline or maybe NA and just talk on the phone.  It will be confidential!!! Hang in there, I was extremely depressed too, but, amazingly it gets better, and you get your life back.  You will feel better than ever!!! I am praying for you and the others.  Love to all!
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Thomas, thank you - you actually made me laugh.  I did call a suicide hotline, and the woman did help a bit.  Also called an ex-addict who I helped when he detoxed from 1-3 grams of heroin a day!  So he really knows what we're going through.  I'm feeling better now, esp[ecially when Thomas put things in perspective.  After all, my day 5 is just ending, and I am using Ultram, and used less of it today than yesterday.  I can't do my Yoga just yet, but when I get the energy for it, I'll let you know if it is helpful.  It's helped me in the past both physically and mentally.  It gives you an inner strength and peacefulness, as well as putting all your organs and glands back into working order. Peace to all of you, from the Redwoods on the North Coast of CA.
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i'm sorry i dont have any advice/wisdom to share with you.  i just wanted to let you know i'm thinking of you.  just remember you are not alone.  you have your husband and you always have this board.  its incredible how much strength and knowledge i've gotten since coming here.  i'm sure someone will post to you some kind of advice on what you are going through.
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Where r u?
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Estimado Suzanne,

Estoy aqu
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i dont speak spanish!  Took french and german!  It looks intriguing though!
Plz translate on e-mail..thx hon
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Je suis ici dans la salle informatique au travail. Que faites-vous cette nuit? Regarde des images de Coq? Je les Coqs moyens, pas genitals!

Je me suis fatigu
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