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How do I explain this to my work?

Hi, i'm 30 and have been on Suboxone and Clonazepam for about 2 years. My dr. in a very small town decided to not see patients anymore. Thats ok because I want to quit anyway. I have two tricky questions.
#1 I have missed three days of work do to this and want to go back to work tomorrow. The only reason i'm going back is because i found a pill. Somoneone rummaged through my room one day, took some and left some other places. So i may find more.. Nether the less I want this out of my life. So what does one say to an employer that he/she (i'm not trans here, just trying to remain politically correct) needs time off of work and spotty time at best?
#2 I see a Dr. on friday (the very same one that prescribed the bupe but no longer can to any patient). I have to tell him during the withdrawal i took too much of the k pins in order to stay sane.

Essentially I was at a baseline dose of 2mg of k pins per day. Which didn't impede much as my body is used to that. Once the opiate receptors were void of bupe the k pins did nothing, as my body is used to that. So i took extra in hopes that it would help me sleep, eat and and get out of bed. which it did. So how and what can i ask my dr. for? I already have clonodine which is a Godsend. I know none of you are professionals, i mean duh, you would not be wasting your time on this forum, you'd be making 6-7 figures practicing so I am well aware of that :).

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Don't mind me..I am foggy today, actually most days..lol

I don't know what to tell you about work. Do you think they will fire you? Do you have any vacation time? Are you close enough to your boss to be honest? This is a judgement call on your part. I don't know how much we can help with this.

Why do you want to tell you doctor that you took too much Klon? Are you just trying to be honest? What do you want other drugs for? You said you wanted to know what to ask him for? To detox?

I hope you get back to us..maybe we can help.
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You have been doing this for far too long.  You are still searching for that magic pill to end this insanity.  It is time to lay all your cards on the table and get real honest with yourself and everyone else(doctor and boss).  Spend the time on recovery instead of chasing that pill.
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What was your last Sub dosage and how long since your last dose?
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