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How do I get off 5 Norco 10/325 a day ?

I’ve been on 5 10/325 norcos a day for 16 years for chronic pain spinal conditions
I’m sick of being sick and being chained to pain management Drs.  
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I just did taper from percoset 7.5 2 a day .spinal surgery stayed on 3 years wasnt feeling better had to get off.20 percent taper over long period cut the pills in halve see how you do.taper is long term torture but when you get off it ain't as bad as cold turkey.ask doc about clondine and maybe muscle spasm pills.helps when you go off.22 days straight still hurt but I don't need a pill every 3 hours.
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I would suggest a very slow taper. Have you discussed with your PM Dr or another Dr who knows you and would offer support?
I am not a Dr and I am not giving medical advice- this is one way that worked for me on a different but similar med. Either start taking only 4 a day for awhile or lower the strength gradually. At one point I asked for a weaker strength , in my case it was 0.5mg (half a milligram) instead of 1 mg).
Norco is acetaminophen with hydrocodone and comes in 3 strengths: 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg (for the hydrocodone portion) so an obvious answer is ask your pm Dr to prescribe a lower dose for awhile…and so forth. But you should be doing this with your Dr. May our Lord help you to come off the opiates as you said you desire- and give you relief of any pain.
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