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How do I get off tramodal with out having to bad withdraws?

I have been taking tramodal of a few years now because of all my med problems. I want to get off this stuff. How can I do this with out to many withdraws?
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Have you discussed this with your doctor?  Tramadol needs to be tapered.  How many do you take a day?
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Slow very slow if u ask me
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How many do you currently take?
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Tram is a horrible thing to come off of. I was a hardcore tram user (around 750 mg a day!!) I'm now 37 days clean. I didn't have the luxury of a taper, but I believe that is probably the best way. Please discuss with your dr. I did mine cold turkey and holy cow it was hard. I'm better now, but the first two weeks were hell! It can be done though, if you decide to go ct. Good luck to you!!
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Tapering is almost as hard as CT because you have to have the willpower to only take the set number of pills you should take. I wanted to taper, but didn't have enough will power. CT was so hard but it was also good just to get it over with. I would for sure talk with your doctor though to find the best solution for you! Good luck and let us know if you need any other tips. This site was my lifesaver and I am almost 4 months clean from a high dosage of Tramadol! Good luck!!
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